5 Cool Tech Supplies You Must Have for Back to School 2019

back to school

The kids are all going back to school this week and there will be a lot of stationery, clothing and even gadgets that parents might be thinking of getting their offspring – to advance their learning skills and educational clout.

Let us now look at five cool technical supplies you can get to help your student advance in the classroom at school, the college or university too. 

The Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

back to school

Although this piece of technology has been out for some time, just recently the Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook has been given an upgrade. You can take notes by pen and paper and watch the digital technology convert your scribblings into something that can be saved online. 

The Notebook has stickers similar to those “post-it” notes it calls “smart stickers”. These can be tagged (so you can find your notes really quickly, shared with fellow students) or stored on The Cloud so you will never lose those vital notes. It is surely a good way of getting more study buddies in your corner.

The Backpack that Charges Things Up

back to school

One of the more common sights of a pupil or a student is seeing that backpack draped over their shoulders. It is used to transport textbooks and stationery among other things but what if the backpack itself could be used to charge up items like your smartphone?

Charging smartphones for students who are always on the go and moving from class to class can be inconvenient, to say the least. Often, a pupil will only get to charge a phone for around 30 minutes before they are moving onto the next study area or classroom. It is then unplugged and recharged again at another available outlet (providing there is a spare one in the busy school grounds). 

To overcome this problem, a pupil’s very own charging backpack can be used to power up three different devices. It has three USB ports and all can be used to fire up those electronic devices; as well as carrying textbooks and other supplies at school.

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The Nimbus Smart Dashboard

back to school

It is a virtual assistant, alarm clock and notification displayer all rolled into one unit. The Nimbus Smart Dashboard can do so much. It has four clock faces and you can choose which display it utilises: when you have a new tweet, the time, weather conditions outside, traffic reports, incoming email alert or the step count on your Fitbit or wearable. 

The Nimbus Smart Dashboard is ideal for student dorms and will be the envy of fellow undergraduates. 

A Table Lap Tray

back to school

Used as secure and comfortable base for reading devices like a laptop or smartphone. It has an angled slot for your tablet and a beanbag style cushion for extra comfort. 

The Epson Eco Tank 2700

back to school

This is a printer that does not use cartridges and is ideal for the busy student who is always printing. The ink well contains the equivalent of 88 cartridges! Think of the cost savings!

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