Technology has revolutionised in the past 30 years. We are living in an age that will be remembered by future generations as historic, innovative and ground-breaking.

Keeping up with the latest in technological innovation, and knowing what is just around the corner, has fascinated the general public and business with great excitement and anticipation.

Daily Tech Life explores these technological advances and keeps us abreast with what is happening in the world of computing, smart technology, augmented reality, hybrid cars and futuristic innovative inventions that are just around the corner.

We have all heard of the wonders of 4K UHD TV image quality. But did you know 8K is about to emerge? We pose the serious questions about the technologies which might not get off the ground as successfully as other platforms seem to do.

We will explore the latest trends in technology and ask the serious questions and roadblocks that could stifle these emerging sciences.
We look at cyber security, social media and how it might impact in the world of business and we explore ways a business can start up using technology as its driver.

Daily Tech Life is always full of new ideas, inspirations and news on the latest mind blowing concepts of today’s ever-changing future.