All You Need To Know About the Samsung Galaxy S10


This ‘S’ series phone helped Samsung mark its s10th anniversary.

The Infinity-O screen in Samsung Galaxy s10 looks novel and is so large that it actually displaces the phone’s front camera. This phone captures amazing images that are ultra-wide because of its triple lens rear camera. It has an amazing and effective fingerprint sensor that is located on-screen. Your friends could make use of your Wireless PowerShare to send and receive media among other remarkable things. With all these features, it is evident that this phone fetches a hefty price.

This amazing ‘S’ series phone has been made for the sole purpose of becoming a conversation changer. It aims at making this target market need to upgrade rather than want to. Its features make the outrageous price worthwhile. The following are some of the things you need to note about this phone.

Im source: samsung
  • 6.1-inch display: This is the first thing you will note about this phone. Its edge-to-edge look is remarkable. It stretches from the bottom to the top. The pixels spill over to the curved edges at the sides.
  • Infinity-O screen: This phone shares this feature with the Galaxy S10e, which is cheaper. This screen is so big that the front camera is displaced. The front camera has been designed to look like a small ‘punch-hole’ to provide more room for the screen. The necessary sensors are available at the back of this super AMOLED display.
  • Fingerprint sensor: This ultrasonic feature is available behind the glass. When you think about using your fingerprint to unlock your phone, you will automatically think that the sensor is positioned at the back of the phone. Samsung revolutionizes this feature by providing for a sensor at the back of the screen. The sensor is not as visible as it has been in other versions of Samsung. Thus, it is highly effective.
  • Samsung got its idea of in-screen fingerprint sensors and punch-hole displays from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus 6T, and the Honor View 20. This phone was crafted with an impressive screen to body ratio that is undeniably amazing. The ratio is 93.1%. 
  • Camera: The idea for the triple-lens rear-facing camera is maximization. Taking one hard look at the camera might make you feel like the images may not be as good as Samsung makes it out to be. However, with just one click of a button, you will realize that the images are more than worthwhile. The camera array is capable of taking both normal and epic new ultra-wide images. It allows the user to capture whatever is in front of the camera without making the user back up to capture more. This is a dream come true for anyone who loves adventure and capturing every moment of his or her life.
  • Some people might try to argue that LG phones have had the ultra-wide image feature for the longest time. However, the Samsung camera has never disappointed. Its low light consistency is unmatched. Finally, Samsung has managed to adopt this feature and match it with their amazing camera lenses to create the perfect phone for photographers and bloggers, among others.
  • Wireless PowerShare: This feature makes Samsung stand out from all other Android phones. The feature allows the user to sue the back of the phone to charge the Galaxy buds or even to Qi charge a phone. This is a remarkable clone of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro that is not available in a number of regions. Samsung has made this feature accessible in all regions.
Img source: samsung

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Apart from this, Samsung has managed to incorporate other features such as the HDR10+ and cramming-in faster Wi-Fi 6. Samsung has two issues when it comes to marketing the S10. They are:

  1. Samsung is its greatest market: The truth is that the S10e is more affordable and similar to the S10. S10 Plus is also an amazing option for anyone who is able to handle the size of its screen and price. Moreover, other options such as the Samsung Galaxy X that folds and the Galaxy S10 5G. Samsung has offered its users’ so many options that it is actually competing with itself in the market.
  2. Samsung S10 is extremely expensive. It is more expensive than last year’s S9. At the same time, the S10 is a better option in comparison to the iPhone XS that is pricy and has a smaller screen (5.8 inches).

The Galaxy S series of phones are marking a decade since their innovation and it is clear that there has been very little innovation over the past years. The varying ‘S’ series phones have been similar since they were introduced to the market. Nevertheless, the S10 is definitely an eye-catching upgrade. It has enough new features to prompt anyone to upgrade. This is definitely one of 2019s best phones yet.

It is due for release on Friday, March 8th. This is a week earlier than the release of last year’s S9. This announcement came on February 20th and pre-orders were made available immediately in some states. For example, in the United States of America opened on 21st February. It is estimated that anyone who will purchase this phone will be spending an extra $180 from the price of S9.

Samsung has provided its die-hard customers with options. If you like how the phone looks and operates, you have the option of buying the affordable Galaxy S10e. Take note that some states are offering bonuses for those who purchase the S10 in advance before the announced date.

The following are some of the physical features of this phone:

  • The front camera is 10MP
  • The rear camera is 16MP, 12MP and 12MP
  • The battery works with 3,400mAh
  • The RAM is 8GB
  • Storage is 128 or 512GB
  • The CPU is octa-core chipset
  • The resolution is QHD+
  • The OS is Android 9
  • The dimensions are 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm
  • It weighs 157g
Img source: samsung

 Do not let the dimensions and size of the screen fool you. This phone is ultra-thin and light. They really put a lot of effort into designing this amazing machine. It will definitely set the trend for other phone brands, in the future.

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