Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant?

Google Assistant

Robot Wars are About to Begin

We are not talking about some geek fair exhibition, where a bunch of college tech students have created a robot that will fight against a rival in front of a few hundred scientific-minded gadget lovers, we are talking about a much bigger battle. 

Amazon has seemingly put everything into its Alexa baby. Now it hopes to turn the concept into a small baby robot. Moreover, Google Assistant want to play in this field too. The Google Assistant has made huge leaps forward to become the finest voice assistant on the market. 

The truth is, it has had to do a lot of catching up. One of the eye-catching headlines for the Google Home and Assistant devices was its ability to act as an interpreter. This feature will obviously migrate to its new robot. 

Simply by saying, “OK Google, be my interpreter” the device will ask, “OK, which language do you wish me to translate?”

At present, it can translate anything you say into 26 different languages, and all the favourites of French, German, Spanish and Italian are in there. The robot of the future would make an ideal assistant when conducting a business meeting with a client from another country and save money on hiring a real life interpreter – which is said to cost $40 an hour plus travel expenses in many instances.

The Google Assistant Connect feature helps link the device to many third party kits. It is a system of things known as M2M (Machine 2 Machine) in the world of new technology. It will soon become a byword. The Google Robot would interact alongside other pieces of kit and use no such human input. 

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Among the dynamic pieces of kit that Google Assistant has started to link up with is the Kitchen Aid Smart Display – which is a smart countertop showing you things like new recipes and shopping lists or videos displaying the best way to cook a Steak and Kidney Pie. Moreover, you will not need to worry about splashing food over this surface as it has been designed to proof its panel against that. 

Google Assistant

The Google Robot would be linked to the kitchen and all of its smart features. It will also know how to dim the lights in the house, turn them on at a certain time (handy if you are going out for the entire day and evening) and it will link to smart clocks, smart meters and in-car charging devices too. 

The Google Assistant Robot will have already made big strides in bagging high profile partnerships but none are more impressive than Lenovo’s Smart Clock. Then there are the in-car charging systems operated by JBL and Anker. These devices run compatibly with Google Assistant. 

Of course, Google Assistant’s biggest partnership are the link to the Android phones. However, the Robot Wars may not just involve Google Assistant and Alexa. Did you even think for a minute it would? Samsung’s Bixby may not be eyeing up a walking, talking robot, per se, but it has plans for something rather spectacular and super smart.

Bixby is about to be pushed into our smart television sets. Moreover, the device will be linked to the Family Hub smart fridge. This is where you can see what is inside your fridge from anywhere. Even remote viewing is possible.

 The expiry date of all foods is known and the tracking of food is digitally recorded. There is even an option to purchase items like milk, butter or refrigerated foodstuffs when the quantities become low. Bixby will be linked with Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Play. 

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