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AR Gaming and the growing Industry

AR games are fast becoming more popular than any other format within the AR gaming industry. This concept is not just the stuff of fantasy, it is a reality – an augmented reality! Well, there is a lot of fantasy in AR gaming: you capture aliens, beat up creatures, look out for your kingdoms and even interact in the real world. It’s just now that we are starting to do it all in AR style.

One of the pull factors about AR gaming is that you will not need to invest in much hardware at all. No over-the-top set of headphones that lock you out of reality and no need to invest in a super computer. 

All that is needed is a smartphone that is enabled to play augmented reality graphics and rich content supporting the make and model you have. Before you download any of these games, check on the iTunes Store or Google Play (for those on Android smartphones and tablets) and see if your device is compatible. 

You will need a console and using your standard set of headphones is all you need worry about. The games out there are really rather good and many of them are free to play. But be warned, they will drink up a lot of space on your smartphone, so delete any unwanted or unused apps beforehand.

Reality Games in Real Life with AR gaming

Geolocation games are the most exciting on the market, by some distance. Pokémon Go is now at legendary status as we see players walking the streets and fields with a smartphone in their hand and a roving eye that looks for animated objects to capture or deposit behind.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go made gaming and AR mainstream. I believe that without this legendary reality game, AR would not be a household term like it is right now. It has been downloaded by millions all over the world and the thirst for more AR gaming has been growing ever since.

The smartphone needs to be switched on with the GPS tracking option fully turned up and as you walk the streets and city centres you must complete a series of different tasks. Many earn revenues from this game, giving an extra special appeal.

Sharks in the Park

Sharks in the Park is another geographical game that mixes actual locations with augmented reality. It is a fantastic game enjoyed by both adults and children alike. It can turn an ordinary park or a dull brownfield site into something spectacular.

The landscapes are truly jaw-dropping and the animals very exotic. Real sharks appear in your local urban park. Well, augmented sharks – but it certainly looks very real.

Sharks in the Park allow you to create you very own fairy or fantasy tale. An unforgettable game and some frighteningly good graphics on show.


A free AR game part of AR gaming industry, that has actually been around even longer than Pokémon Go. It has a very dark storyline to it and one that will thrill adults more than children, we think. 

There are basically two factions in a society set not too far in the future. The Enlightened and the Resistance. The Enlightened want to control humanity by using an energy that makes us think differently. 

The Enlightened will have us believe they are doing us all good, when in fact this might not be the case. But not everyone agrees. There is the Resistance, who will protect mankind at all costs and prevent the Enlightened from dabbling with our minds.

You get to choose which side you want to play with and bat for. Discover how many Enlightened and Resistance fighters are based in your town or city. Ingress has a highly captivating plot and is entirely fascinating to play throughout. You may also find this game highly addictive.

ar gaming

Temple Treasure Hunt

What we like about Temple Treasure Hunt is the fact it is another geolocation augmented reality game with a special genre or theme. The particular niche on this one is the myth and mystery of the game.

If you have ever dabbled with Dungeons and Dragons and similar old-school games, then Temple Treasure Hunt might be just what you have always been waiting for.

However, here we have augmented reality to get excited about too. It is free to download and can be played in the home or outdoors in the streets and parks. It makes it ideal for younger children to use it around the home and get familiar with AR while enjoying this game in safety and comfort. In the game, a player becomes either a protector or a hunter (of the treasure).

Hunters must learn to discover the whereabouts of the treasure and the protectors must create trails. Treasure Guardians pop up from time to time during the game in the form of a mystical Indian mythological character. Real maps are used to explore the treasure lands making this an exciting AR concept for all ages. 

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Spirit Camera – The Cursed Memoir

Nothing is better than a real scary game – and when the gameplay features AR it doubles up the fear factor. Spirit Camera – The Cursed Memoir is a Nintendo game. A Nintendo 3DS is required as a console and AR enthusiasts with a Nintendo box will not want to miss this one.

At a price of less than $10, the game is a little like a mysterious film noir plot. There is not much in the way of dialogue and much more in the way of scary action. The video embedded within is in full AR and is riddled with an excellent plot. 

Spirit Camera can be played indoors; indeed, it might be best if you keep to within the apartment as there will be augmented reality creatures regularly rearing their ugly heads from time to time and it can be a little unsettling at first.

Night Terrors

If you love the fear factor, why not try Night Terrors? This game is so scary, even watching the trailer will give you the jitters. Just think what it will be like when you play the game. 

This Augmented Reality game requires an operating system of iOS 10 or higher. But it is free to download on the iTunes Store and it pretty much transforms your surroundings into a full-blown scary movie and horror show. 

Every corner, every nook and cranny, and behind every bush there is a monster lurking. It is not advised to leave this one on all night in the bedroom. Scary and realistic, Night Terrors takes the fear factor and AR gaming to the next level. Just remember to keep a fresh set of underwear to hand!

Smash Tanks – Augmented Reality

Smash Tanks is one of those you might want to play at the office during your lunch break. Your co-workers will surely be impressed by the myriad of action and excitement. Moreover, Smash Tanks is pretty much about breaking, smashing, crashing into things and plenty of explosions.

Tap the screen to pull off those missiles and smash those rebel enemy tanks. You can play with one, two or multi-player mode and the reality is augmented right onto your desktop. 

There are no annoying ads to spoil the fun and the game costs just $3 to download. Trust us, the next time you take a lunch break at the office desk, your colleagues will gather around your desk. 

Ordinarily, this game would be little more than a smash them up and fire at them bonanza. But the AR factor gives this a special place in the heart. Just watching the tanks explode and the fireball occur is great and turns grown men into little boys once again. 

Beer Pong

We have all heard of the game: Beer Pong. It has been played across the colleges and universities of America for several decades and continues to be a favourite at Frat Parties. 

Well, now even this eternal classic of beer pong is now developed in augmented reality. This game has been developed in AR to play on all Android devices and AR Core systems. 

All you need to do is to scan the surrounding area, find the best place to play and start lobbing those ping pong balls into the beer glasses or cups as the game dictates. 

The one thing we like about Beer Pong is that there is no mess. No spilled beer and no cups to clean up afterwards. There are bonus points to be gained for players wishing to unlock more tournaments and silly games. These include golf, tennis and basketball. 

Slingshot Island

This is an AR puzzle game with plenty of action. You can shoot with a slingshot and throw missiles at castles and discover magic dragons and eat their eggs. To get around objects, you must use your phone or console and navigate accordingly. This game does need to run on the AR Core system.


This free AR game is all about treasure hunting. It has people playing and following all over the world. You will receive instructions on how to find a geocache and then it is up to you to search the local area and find it.

Once you do find it, take a photo and then hide it again for the next geocache player to find. The gameplay features maps, compasses and directions to the geocache. 


There are many more AR games in development stage at present, for AR gaming industry. The future of gaming is already here and there will be a great deal more available in just the next few months. The future is bright, the way forward, surely is AR.

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