Best 5G Phones 2019

best 5g phones 2019

Industry experts all agree: every cell phone manufacturer is busy designing and working on the Best 5G Phones 2019 version of its various phones. Big names like Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Ericson to name but a few. In Asia too, manufacturing giants like Huawei and Xiaomi are right at the forefront of its emerging markets, as you would fully expect them to be.

Evidence of this happening has already been witnessed at global showcase events like the CES and MWC launches in 2019. In the UK, 5G coverage is imminent and will roll out at a number of selected locations – all of which are currently undisclosed. 

Super quick speeds for data uploads and vastly widening broadband will be available to those lucky few – but only if you have a 5G mobile smartphone that you can take advantage of it though. 

Surely however, a 5G smartphone is going to be expensive? Yes, but the investment is worth it. The price may not drop until late 2021. New technology can take an age to filter down to the masses but this is not expected to be the case with 5G.

The reason is: manufacturers and operators are pushing this technology with a great deal of enthusiasm and rigour. The arrival of 5G will not simply be limited to phones either. This new technology can filter down to more than just a smartphone. Television sets showing 8K quality vision, self-driving cars and smart refrigerators where you can order restock by touching the door of the fridge are all items likely to be in full use within the next decade. 

How Best 5G Phones 2019 Looks Like?

There is not much visually to separate a modern looking 4G phone to its 5G successor. It is what goes on under the hood that really manifests the difference. Some of the new 5G phones will not have bezel displays or notches on the side. Although consumers will certainly be asking, “How is that going to work?”

In order to answer that question, one has to understand 5G and what it does. 

5G Explained

Before you choose a 5G phone or consider investing into this new technology, it is important you know something about it. It is the technology that will take over from 4G (which succeeded 3G, and so on).

However, because 5G is about to do so much more, the network infrastructure must be able to accommodate the demand for the greater speeds and bandwidths it will surely demand. The first thing a consumer will likely notice is the vast improvement on download and upload speeds. 

How much faster will it be? That depends. The device you buy, the location you are in and the surrounding network will all be taken into consideration – but the worse you might expect is a 20 per cent improvement and the best will be about 60 per cent faster connection. 

These speeds will get better and faster as we move forward. The dynamic thing about 5G is that it can grow and adapt. It will speed up and develop with the expansion of the network. Rather like a new born human – who would start life small and weak but grows and develops as it gets older.  

So, is there definitely room for improvement? Absolutely. The concept of 5G – when you first see it in action – will not be the fully developed article. At first, it would probably take around 15 minutes to download a full movie filmed in 4K HD. But imagine three years down the line and 5G will handle the same movie (or similar size) in around a minute. 

5G is not all about speed or the rate at which you can download a movie filmed in ultra-high-definition. You will soon be watching 4K movies on your device while sitting on the bus or train. The signal will be much stronger and the much-hated “spinning circle of doom” that blights our streaming experience all too often, should disappear for good. At which point we should hear a loud chorus of cheers. Let’s go deeper with our Best 5G Phones 2019

5 Smartphones That Will Be Rocking 5G in 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Best 5G Phones 2019

The S10 is the flagship device of Samsung and there is an S10 version that rocks 5G. Therefore this could easily be considered a supercharged version of a device considered to be the best they have ever released. 

It weighs just under 200g and uses the Android 9.0 operating system. It has a handsome size screen of 6.7 inches. Then we have the storage space, which is provided at a healthy 256 GB or 512 GB version. Perfect for those who want huge libraries of films and content on their devices. 

The cameras are pretty hot too. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has three rear cameras and a 10-megapixel front facing camera too. This device really does come packed with space and power and the huge screen lets you watch movies in very high resolution. 

The original Samsung Galaxy S10 launched in February 2019. The 5G version is considered to be a major upgrade with a better camera, bigger screen and larger volume of data space to pack in all those megabyte-hungry apps. The list of Best 5G Phones 2019 has already the giant Samsung!

The One Plus 7 Pro 5G

Best 5G Phones 2019
Image from: one

Weighing in at just a little over the 200g mark, the One plus 7 Pro has a big screen (6.7 inches) and unlike the Samsung Galaxy S10, it can come in two models packing in a drive space of 128 GB or 256 GB. Although not as much space on this phone as the S10, the One Plus still has lots of good reasons to buy.

It has a fantastic camera set-up. The rear camera stuns at 48MP. 8MP and a 16MP lens system. The front camera boasts another 16 MP camera too. Moreover, who needs bezels when you have an OnePlus 7 pro 5G?

The software on this phone is powered by the Oxygen OS – which has many admirers in the tech industry. But, in truth, there is very little difference between the new 5G and 4G versions of this phone.

The same good old battery, design is identical, cameras are the same and the only difference users will really see is when you start browsing online. The difference in speed will astound and impress from the get go.

The OnePlus Pro7 also features a funky fingerprint scanner underneath the display. The advantage on the 5G version is the faster unlocking time. This device should unlock in about a quarter of a second. 

There is a lot to like about this phone. It has a UFS 3.00 storage feature within its OS. This allows you open Word Documents or PDF sheets that are huge in just seconds. You can also save photos to your phone or the Cloud extremely quickly. 

This device also has a pop out drawer that will emerge from the chassis of the device. Then within will be a selfie camera. Very cool. In order to keep its features running quickly, this phone has the much-favoured Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 under the hood for faster toggling and downloading. 

It is a big phone for data storage too. The drive holds and impressive 256 GB and feeds out on 8 GB of RAM.

Of course The OnePlus Pro7 is one of Best 5G Phones 2019

Huawei Mate X 5G

Best 5G Phones 2019

Some of you may have asked about the 5G phone that is coming out with a folding screen. Well, this is it. You can achieve 5G connections and fold the screen. It uses the Android 9.0 operating system, has an extremely sharp picture with high resolution (2200 x 2480 pixels) and a storage space boasting an impressive 512 GB.

There have been some privacy and data sharing concerns with Huawei as a company in both the United States and United Kingdom. These issues are being addressed and should iron out within months, rather than years. 

The uploading and downloading speeds on this phone will impress. Moreover, the device comes with a tablet too. There are so many reasons to buy this device: two top-of-the range technologies rolled into one and a sharper picture than you will have ever seen before on a smartphone. 

The only slight drawback of the Huawei Mate X is its hefty price tag. It should retail at about £1,900 ($2,350) upon its release this summer. 

The OPPO Reno 5G Smartphone

The OPPO Reno 5G Smartphone

You do not have to break the bank to get the best phone with 5G as a feature. The OPPO Reno 5G device is a lot cheaper than most Best 5G Phones 2019. Yet, it still uses the impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and also has the pop-out selfie system. 

OPPO is another emerging technology based in China. It looks like being a big player in this field. It made the world’s first ever video chat recording in 5G back in early 2018.



LG are well known for bringing out quality devices. The THINQ 5G V50 is no exception. It is heavily loaded with power and can display a second screen if that is what’s required. Imagine, Skype with a friend and watch a movie together at the same time.

This is our list of Best 5G Phones 2019, we hope you enjoy and we invite you to buy your new Phone on Amazon Store!

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