Electric Bikes, is Bosch creating e-bike?


The Latest Developments for e-bike and how they work

You may well recognise the brand of Bosch, a German powerhouse company usually more familiar with manufacturing fridges, washing machines and various other electronics. The business recently decided to design and build an e-bike system that was to prove so popular, it overwhelmed the business to almost breaking point.

The Bosch e-Bike System created two line of production. One was for the Active e-Bike and the other for Performance range. Although the company does not actually build the bikes, it does create, design and manufacture the drive systems. 

The Bosch e-Bike System is truly a smart bike and is easy to navigate, even up steep hills and mountain paths. The e-bike has been designed by a built-in power assistance. It also has very fluid shifting gears mechanisms and gains high speeds very quickly. 

The drive systems are used by almost 100 different bicycle manufacturers and the bike itself can easily maintain speeds of up 20 mph (28 km/per hour) with little effort. But it is the drive system that is really at the heart of this bike. The power seems to come to the computer and the heart of this e-Bike range.

There are cargo bikes, where you can carry a sizeable amount of shopping or luggage and even have a back seat for the child, and there is the mountain bike: for that adventurous tourer and used on rough road systems and mountain paths. 

Each e-Bike has a robust display giving key information like speed, distance covered, battery level and range covered. There is a downloadable app with historical information and built-in maps showing you which areas you have covered geographically. 

This display can even be linked to some fitness trackers and calculate the amount of calories you will have burned when using the manual process of the e-Bike. The range of e-Bikes are creating so much interest that supply simply cannot keep up with demand. 

When this range first came out, delivery times were being prolonged to as long as nine months. The business laid in extra shifts and increased its production lines to keep pace with demand. 

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What Are the Advantages of Riding an e-Bike Using a Bosch Drive?

Sustainable cycling and transportation is becoming something we are all going to have to think very carefully about in the near future. Cities are becoming clogged with cars, gas-guzzling vehicles and environmentally unfriendly transportation methods. 

Who really needs a car in the city? The thing is with e-Bikes is that there is one to suit any rider: regardless of age, gender, requirement and taste. Moreover, e-Bikes are becoming somewhat trendy.  


The Wonder of the Drive Units

They are powerful and very light in weight. They are quiet and have a mid-drive motor that is barely noticeable to a passing pedestrian or car driver. You will look like you are simply riding on a bicycle along with all the other cyclists. The e-Bike has become a bit of a modern status symbol for those who feel they are really going places.

Although e-Bikes have been around for over a century, the technological advancements means these bikes are extremely dynamic. Moreover, if we look across the European divide from Germany to Spain, we can witness another sensational development in the technology of e-Bike systems.

The Electric Mobility Company, based in the Spanish city of Alicante, has launched the first electric bike or e-Bike that doesn’t have pedals. It is a sort of hybrid moped and bike, both in performance and invention. 

The XKUTY One has been designed under a technology known as FASB (Fully-Assisted Bike). The e-Bike will have a hub engine within the wheel, thus eliminating the need for those pedals. But you might be forgiven for asking, “Is this not just a moped scooter dressed up as an e-Bike?” 

The short answer is no. The XKUTY One has no pedals, chains, petrol or need for oil lubricants. So, this makes it clearly a vehicle that cannot be characterised as a scooter. It also makes no noise, creates zero pollutants to the air and is in no way dirty or greasy. Perfect for the environmentally-conscious city dweller. 

Then there is the perfectly positioned seat that adjusts to a more comfortable position for the rider, regardless of their height or physical stature. Performance-wise, this e-Bike will weigh in a mere 44 kilograms. That is far less than any scooter. 

The battery will fully recharge from flat to 100 per cent in about two hours. This is one of its greatest appeals. Many electric cars need to be charged up overnight before they can be used throughout the day. Yet, the XKUTY One can be happily cycled for distances of up to 50 kilometres before requiring a recharge. 

A Look at Hot New Developments in Electric Bikes for 2019

The Look E765 is a comfortable e-Bike with a lightweight frame of around 14 kilograms. It is able to take on the smaller 32mm wheel size and the e-Bike uses a centrally located motor. 

The Wilier Cento1 Hybrid is Italian technology at its best. It will be on sale across Europe soon and sell for around 5,000 euros. It is a performance e-Bike for the serious rider and the market should closely at this new kid on the block. 

The Ribble Endurance SLE e-Bike is similar to the Wilier as it is lightweight and uses the same rear hub motor. Its biggest advantage by far over the Wilier seems to be its price tag. The Ribble Endurance SLE retails at about half the price of the Wilier. However, there are many models in this range and some of the prices do go up and above the 5,000 euro mark.

One thing we can be absolutely sure of is: e-Bikes are not just here to stay, they are coming on in leaps and bounds thanks to the wide range of new technologies being available to its users. The future is very exciting and the cities across America and Europe will soon be e-Bike dominant.

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