HoloLens, a Mega Project from Microsoft


The HoloLens from Microsoft is a high tech device, whose technology is helpful to designers as they visualize the future cars and houses, revive historical monuments, transport persons to new worlds and prove that the future is indeed augmented reality. 

As a result, Microsoft views this device as a see-through holographic computer that is fully untethered. 

So, what is Microsoft HoloLens?

Microsoft HoloLens is a headset of virtual reality that has transparent lenses that provide an augmented reality experience. You can view it an augmented-reality (AR) goggles pair since it is somehow between a futuristic welding mask and cycling helmet. 

HoloLens offers you a very unique AR experience, whereby you can view 3D holographic images that appear to be part of an environment. It has amazing attention to detail and build quality, which are pluses considering that the application potential has no limitations. 

Therefore, with this immersion level you are able to have new forms of computing, whereby your desktop is the living room. You have the capability to stream Netflix on a wall as well build a Minecraft castle on a floor, as holograms of high resolution.

The moment that you will try this Microsoft augmented reality viewer, you will feel as if HoloLens is the future of computing.

Features and Design

Currently, HoloLens come in two flavors, known as the Commercial Suite and the developer edition. The difference between these two is the box contents, whereby the Commercial Suite is accompanied by features and enterprise-grade software so that you can have a clear view of what HoloLens can do. The hardware of the two remains the same. 

Such features include;

  • Greater processing power as compared to notebooks that have “Cherry Trail” Intel Atom processor
  • Hardware featuring 3D spatialized sound
  • Kinect-like camera that has 120 degree spatial sensing system
  • Wi-Fi
  • Transparent screen for both eyes, combined in a mobile, lightweight and cool wearable system. 
  • A fleet of accelerometers and gyroscopes
  • Its GPU and CPU features a HPU, holographic processing unit that processes the integration of holographic data and the real world. 

The Working of Hololens

HoloLens technology is straightforward, especially after overcoming the hurdles of effectively fitting a capable computer inside a head set. Its two “light engines” are high definition and thus project display images through the two holographic lenses. 

While this takes places several aspects’ input join to make virtual objects behave and appear as though they are in the real world environment. These aspects are such as an ambient light sensor, four “environment understanding cameras, ” an “internal measurement unit” and a depth-sensing camera. 

The Capability of Hololens 

According to Microsoft, HoloLens has the capability to be useful in data analysis, design, standard computing, medical imaging and gaming. Therefore, it is a powerful tool for training workers, for collaborative working or for other educational experiences. 

In my field work, it has been useful in visualizing 3D architectural renderings, medical training without necessarily using real bodies and auto prototyping without models. It supports the regular Windows 10 apps since you can have a floating Skype video call as a virtual video player is pinning to the home wall. 


The cost of the Microsoft HoloLens makes it hard for a regular tech interested individual to afford it. The developer edition goes for about $3,000 while the Commercial Suite costs $5,000. It definitely is not built for regular use at home. 

The Pros and Cons

HoloLens having the Stellar build quality is a plus. Considering that it is hands-free, the device enables easy interactions. The spatial sound is excellent and the hologram resolution is impressive. 

On the other hand, HoloLens have a short battery life and still glitch, which is quite unfortunate. The field of view needs some improvement and requires more adjustments for comfortability, since it is not easy to fit properly. 

In conclusion, neither the HoloLens hardware nor software is perfect. However, HoloLens can still be an immersive entertainment device that is office fitting if Microsoft can work on the kinks. Regardless of these shortcomings, HoloLens experience is delightful.

It only requires more robust applications, an improved viewing experience and more reliable functionality to be the ultimate AR viewer. So far HoloLens is among the most fascinating technology that I have tested. Despite not being sure about the retail price, its potential still stands tall.      

Microsoft Project  

Developed and sold by Microsoft, Microsoft Project is considered the most popular project management software in the world. It is valuable to Microsoft because it was the company’s third Windows-based application. The design of the application is meant to help project managers in tracking progress, developing plans, managing budgets, assigning resources to tasks and analyzing workloads.   

Microsoft Project creates critical path schedules that can be resource leveled. The resources definitions, which entail materials, equipment and people, are sharable between projects that are have the same resource pool. 

Every resource contains its specific calendar, defining the shifts and dates that a resource is available. The resource rates are useful in calculating resource assignment costs that you can roll up and summarize the resource level. 

Microsoft Project creates budgets depending on the resource rates and assignment work. It also calculates the costs according to work and rates, as resources get assigned to assignment work and tasks estimated. 

Microsoft Project is extendable with Microsoft Project Web Access and Microsoft Office Project Server. The Project server has a central database, whose responsibility is to store Project data. The Project Web Access includes administrative tools, graphical analysis of resource workloads and timesheets that allow you to update and display the stored data over the internet. 

Only authorized users are allowed by Web Access to reach the Project Server database across the internet. Nevertheless, Microsoft still recognizes different users’ classes, which can also have different access levels to views, projects and other data.  

An enterprise global database stores the custom objects such as fields, calendars, filters, tables and views, and is open for all users to share. 

Microsoft Project is dominant PC-based software for project management.       

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