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The best Apple HomeKit devices are in the market and are booming. Apple HomeKit is focusing on unifying your smart home, whereby everything is under the control of your iPad, Siri and iPhone. These high tech devices are using greatly advanced technology in the background to communicate as control comes from a single place. 

With Home, which is iOS 10 dedicated app, getting started is so much easier. iOS 11.3 has seen some changes that suggest the coming of more HomeKit devices

Choosing the Best Apple HomeKit Devices

For you to participate in the HomeKit smart home revolution, you need to be an Apple user and have an Apple HomeKit hub for full functionality. You may also need some advice on what is functional and what doesn’t work. 

As you purchase the HomeKit devices and accessories, they will come with a badge stating “Works with Apple HomeKit.” For the old devices relying on Apple’s old hardware-based HomeKit capability, ‘HomeKit edition’ is their identifier. 

On the other hand, the newer HomeKit products have frequent software updates and thus hardly require mentioning of the HomeKit on the box.    

There are several HomeKit devices from Apple. However, you need to know the best Apple HomeKit devices so that you can have the best experience in the HomeKit smart home revolution. The following are some of these high tech devices, under their respective categories;

Apple HomePod

apple HomePod
Image source: apple.com

This is one among the HomeKit devices that has no alternative. It falls under the HomeKit-compatible smart speaker category. In Apple HomePod, Siri hosts the proceeding as thus allows you have control over other HomeKit devices in your smart home. Apple does leverage Apple music and based on your requests, spits out the tunes.

Apple HomePod is a fantastic sounding speaker but could be half baked as a smart speaker. Nevertheless, it still suits your HomeKit ecosystem.  

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HomeKit-Compatible Lighting

Your smart home definitely needs the best lighting. The following are some of the high tech devices that will give you the lighting you need. 


lifx, homekit devices

Lifx are smart lights whose bulbs come with HomeKit support. Therefore, they are controllable through the dedicated Home app or Siri. The best thing about these high tech devices is that new bulbs are not required since a software update can give do what you need. You can find more information on these HomeKit devices on lifx.com.  

Nanoleaf Light Panels

nanoleaf light panels, HomeKit devices

Nanoleaf Light Panels, a modular smart lighting system, is voice controlled and sticks to your windows and walls to produce beautiful designs. The triangle sets flash whatever colors you want. With your voice, you control these high tech devices through Siri.   

Philips Hue

philips hue, homekit devices

With Philips Hue, you can have different lighting in the living room and bedroom. Through Siri, the brightness and colors are controllable within the Apple ecosystem. Visit meethue.com for more information. 

HomeKit-Compatible Thermostats

Honeywell Lyric Round

honey well. homekit devices
Image source: 9to5mac

The latest version of Honeywell Lyric Round contains the HomeKit support and so using your iPhone you can do temperature setting. When in need of maintenance, you will get alerts. Various versions like Lyric T5 and T6 can be integrated with other HomeKit devises to make your home a perfect smart home.

Reference: yourhome.honeywell.com


ecobee4, homekit devices
Img Source: amazon.com

Ecobee4 is one of the most amazing HomeKit devices. It is a perfect smart thermostat that syncs with scheduling and the weather and maximizes on energy use by recognizing your presence and absence. Its room sensor detects and optimizes the specific locations temperature, while the motion sensors optimize temperature as per your movements.  

This category has other HomeKit devices that are also high tech devices such as Tado Smart Thermostat and Netatmo thermostat. 

HomeKit-Compatible Smart Cameras

  • Logitech Circle 2
Logitech Circle 2, homekit devices

The Logitech Circle 2 has a waterproof and versatile camera that works both in and outdoors. It has wireless and wired options and sticks on any type of surfaces and walls. It is among the best Apple HomeKit devices because its motion sensors can trigger home automation. It is controllable from your Apple watch and Siri can show you whatever you want.  

  • Netatmo Presence Outdoor
homekit devices

Netatmo Presence Outdoor is a full HD camera that allows you to record to a server, SD card or Dropbox. Its built-in floodlight is controllable via the app. You can also set it up to come on upon detecting motion. 

With these high tech devices in your property, you stay informed since it has person detection algorithms that distinguish a vehicle, person and animal, and pings the alert when necessary.  

Other best Apple HomeKit devices in this category include D-Link Omna 180. It deserves consideration as well and dlink.com can give you more information on it.  

  1. HomeKit-Compatible Switches And Plugs
  • iDevices Switch

iDevices Switch is among the high tech devices that cannot be left out. It comes with a complete smart plug features set, which has a mixture of energy reporting, control, and scheduling. It is controllable through Siri and you can also set up schedules. Idevicesinc.com contains all the additional information that you may require. 

  • Logitech Pop Home Switch

The Logitech Pop Home Switch is also among the best Apple HomeKit devices and thus fits your smart home. In works with your smart home’s Wi-Fi and finds the compatible devices that it can control. Your configurations control the scenes you need performed. Therefore, it can turn down the light when you go to bed and also open the smart blinds at sunrise, among other things.  

This category has other HomeKit devices that are considered to be among the best Apple HomeKit devices for your smart home. They are namely Eve Energy, Eve Light Switch, Lightwave, Lutron Caseta and Wemo Mini Smart Plug. 

Aside from all the above high tech devices, there are multiple others that work with these or are alternatives.  For example, the Nanoleaf Remote can be used as an alternative for Nanoleaf Light Panels. They all serve the same purpose but have different designs. 

The best Apple HomeKit devices are available to make your dream smart home become a reality.  

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