How to Turn My Android Phone Into a Webcam?


A Skype VoIP chat seems to be the one survivor of those that have fallen by the wayside. Video calling doesn’t seem to be as popular on MSN or Google+ Hangouts but web chats are still vital to our online experience. 

Web chatting and video calling might actually be the only way to stay in touch with loved ones or friends from overseas. Making new friends will also require a face-to-face contact, even if it is just through a webcam. 

However, because most webcam conversations take place on desktops or laptops, it is proving to be a stifled part of our technology. This is because we are all using smartphones and the power of our mobile devices is causing millions of users to not bother with desktops or laptops. 

It seems everything that can be performed on a desktop, can be done on a smartphone. Or can it? What about that webcam you invested in for your desktop? It seems the smartphone is good until you want to use it as webcam. So, you may be surprised to learn that you can actually turn your Android operated smartphone into a webcam.

If you have a PC desktop and an Android smartphone, read this first before investing in a webcam. You can stream video from the Android phone to a specific port on the PC. Driver software will act to capture the video and any app that required a webcam can then access it (Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp included). 

You Need to Use This Method via Wi-Fi

Your smartphone and PC desktop must be connected to the same Wi-Fi hub. The Android phone must connect through Wi-Fi (turn your Mobile Data button off). Then, go into the smartphone store (Google Play) and install IP Webcam.

Upon opening the app you will be presented with a screen for configuring certain instructions. These are for the port, the quality of the video itself, sound tweaks and changing passwords and usernames to get you in and out of the app.

There are default options already there. Keep them. They will do.  Click on the radar button that says “Start Server” and your camera on the phone will automatically open. The stream goes to a specific IP address and port. Make sure it is directed to the Wi-Fi.

It is worth typing in the IP address and port details to your web browser on the PC. The text will begin with http:// followed by several digits. Note them down. You should see a drop down list under the web address where you can select “Connect to PC for using Skype” or Connect to PC for Using Other Video Chats”. You will see the series of links which are drivers to be installed on your webcam driver (on the PC, not the smartphone).

The Windows driver is easy to install and works for all OS beyond Windows 7. Open Skype (or other video chat apps) and select the driver you have just installed and it will start. 

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