Huawei Mediapad H5

huawei mediapad

Huawei might not be as old as other companies on the tablet market, but their products are known to be robust and quite professional. While there are quite a lot of tablets on the market at this time, the Huawei Mediapad H5 is indeed one of the nicer ones from the company. It’s not super expensive, and it does come with some rather powerful specs too.


We believe that the 9.6” display is more than ok here. It’s a tablet designed with productivity in mind, but the fact that it’s smaller in size does make it very portable. And that’s fine especially if you choose to work on the go. The fact that you have an IPS display means you have better colors, great durability and that on its own can really make quite the difference most of the time.

You have a Qualcomm MSM8917, a really interesting processor that’s quad core. It’s a great solution for mobile productivity and it does enhance the way you work without putting a lot of pressure on the way you work to begin with. You rarely get to see this kind of stuff, which is why this is a great product to have.

Huawei Mediapad H5 has 2 or 3 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of storage. It’s not the most powerful product out there, but it’s at a price point where accessibility is the main concern and that’s definitely showing here. Which is a good thing, because you have great control and lots of amazing features, all while being able to enjoy cool content all the time as you go along so that’s really neat.

The front camera has 2 MP and the other one has 5 MP, so it could definitely be a bit better. It does take a bit to get used to it, but for the price and the features you receive, it’s pretty much worth it.

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The battery life is ok, it will last around 7-10 hours, maybe even a bit more. But if you go for intensive apps, then you will have quite a bit of a challenge here. The benefit with Huawei Mediapad H5 is that it’s super easy to configure and customize.

The Android interface is very familiar and the huge range of different features certainly works the way you might imagine. It does take a bit of time to get used to less resources if you arrive from a desktop unit, but for the most part this is pretty much functional and it delivers great success.

We particularly like the Huawei Mediapad H5 because it’s durable, affordable and it’s just a pleasure to customize and work with. Granted, it’s not the largest or the simplest device out there, but it does its job really well and it’s super portable too.

This really makes it one of the better devices on the market if you want a powerful unit that’s not overly priced. So yes, it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you are a fan of Huawei!

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