Huawei Reveals Mate X: Features a foldable screen

huawei mate x

Huawei has revealed a foldable screen smartphone. The announcement comes just a week after the big news from Samsung about – you’ve guessed it – its foldable screen smartphone. Talk about the two smartphone giants from Asia trying to upstage one another. 

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Rivals the two phones might be, but a quick look at the design of them both, and you will see very little similarities. There may be radically contrasting designs. When you look at the magical Huawei Mate X you will notice the front and back of the screen displays even while the phone is closed. 

The Huawei Mate X also is a little larger than the new Samsung. Moreover, you’ll notice it is slightly thinner when shut. But one feature the Samsung Galaxy Fold does have over its latest rival is the second display on the reverse side of the phone. 

At a recent launch and revealing session in Barcelona, the Chinese company allowed those technical experts and journalists present to get a closer look at the Mate X. South Korea’s Samsung are yet to show its hand and will not reveal the Galaxy Fold just yet. But we do know what it will look like from Samsung’s press releases. 

The Mate X screen is an impressive 8in (20.35 cm) when unfolded and judging by the tone of a recent press conference the Chinese company claim now to be a market leader in 5G smartphones. As far as innovation is concerned, it could be argued they are telling the truth. 

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Even when closed the Mate X offers an impressive screen size of 6.8in and 6.6in (as with most of the folding phones that we’ll see there is likely to be a dual screen feature). So, in effect if we compare this to the latest offering from Apple – iPhone XS Max – Huawei wins again. Its screen sizes are larger.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a main screen size of 7.3in (18.50 cm) when unfolded but the second screen spans out at just 4.6 in (11.68 cm). The Galaxy Fold will place some of its cameras on the same side as the screen. The Mate X, however, will not. Instead you will find it on the flipside of the phone on a strip with a fingerprint sensor. 

However, there are question marks as to whether the positioning of this camera is going to be a bit cumbersome. The camera is situated on the side located on the smaller fold (when it is closed) and becomes a side grip when it is actually opened up. So, it begs the question: how is one supposed to take a selfie when open? 

In China, where the selfie is even more popular than in any other nation we can think of, it is truly remarkable the company has not thought this one through. In its favour though, the Mate X does not have that annoying notch cut through when you see the screen splits. 

Smartphones and 5G

The arrival of 5G as a mobile networking solution is likely to be with us during late 2019. By 2020, it will have taken over [from 4G] as the main player. Huawei’s Mate X smartphone will come with an existing 5G modem and can boast an ability to download a 1GB HD movie in just a few seconds. 

Naturally, the Wi-Fi connection speed will have to be pretty good too. That said, it is not there today but it will be in a couple of years and by 2022, we will be shaking our collective heads and asking how we ever managed on the tortoise speeds of 4G. 

Both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X will have a battery on each of the two sides, but both manufacturers have promised recharging times will be extremely quick. However, these super smartphones will have impressed enthusiasts and technology geeks alike, but they do come with a hefty price tag. 

The Mate X is expected to sell at around $2,600 and its release date is just months away. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a little cheaper at $1,980 but these are prices to make even the deepest pocket and hard-core enthusiast wince. 

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