Industry and 5G: How Business Will Change


5G technology and the direction of businesses

Technology has been at the very forefront of the 21st century. The arrival of 5G – expected at some time in late 2019 or early 2020 – will herald a remarkable change in the way we use our computers, mobile data and industry too. 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality will form part of our everyday lives. Lower latency times, faster download speeds and a whole new range of dynamic features will come about because of 5G and its pending future. 

Technologists will tell you 5G will be more M2M (Machine 2 Machine). This concept has six fundamental aspects that define it:

  • Telemetry – the automated communication process by which we measure its interaction with other devices. Telemetry is naturally measured remotely. 
  • RFID – Radio Frequency Identification is where codes or tags are sent via radio waves. 
  • Sensor Networking – A wireless sensor network devices that use sensors monitor the condition of something. This could be both environmental or a physical presence. 
  • Remote Monitoring – When the representative from the IT department repairs your computer right in front of your eyes, do you notice how he can move the mouse around the screen remotely? This is remote monitoring in action.
  • Smart Services – since the dawn of the smartphone in 2006, technology has become faster. We have smart watches, meters and lighting. This is a mere fraction of the smart world we now live in. 
  • Telematics – Telematics is the equipment and workings of telecommunications. Driverless vehicles, electronic engineering and computer science. Otherwise known as multimedia or smart televisions, internet, videos, music streaming and applications.

When we get inside our driverless cars, we will only be seeing a small fraction of the technology that is around us. The world of 5G will allow this industry to thrive and these vehicles would probably not work without its gift. 

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Latency speeds will be reduced to around 1 millisecond – the difference between life and death when on the road and driving at speeds of up to 55 mph. Fruit pickers are going to be plucked by remote 5G accelerated pickers and the technology of 5G will even perform agricultural tasks like milking the cows!

The advent of 5G will introduce high reliability and super low latency to our emergency services. The service industry in health, policing and fire control will rely heavily on the new emerging technology. Utility companies, local councils and government will have to rewrite the way they perform their daily tasks. 

Smart cities will be a real thing of the future. At present, there are about 30 smart cities around the world. Soon, all metropolitan urban areas will be under the guiding eyes of 5G technology. There will be traffic control, driverless car control networks and crowd control at busy metro stations. 

All of these services supplied by an industry that will rely heavily on the infrastructure of 5G: low latency and super-fast download response times. The arrival of 5G heralds vast improvements and profit in industry and commerce. 

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