Lab Grown Meat is Being Produced without Killing Animals


Just imagine tucking into a juicy sizzling burger of meat that tastes so good, you try to block out how it all started on its journey from farm to mouth. Think about that juicy chicken meat that has a special place when pan fried and cooked with a paella or inside a sizzling kebab. Imagine tucking into some delicious seafood with new potatoes and asparagus on a Friday night. 

To many of us this is not something we imagine, it is a weekly regular cuisine. But it does not mean some of us carnivores feel a little bit guilty when we know we’re helping the farming industry to send cattle, poultry and fish to the slaughter. 


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It might sound nice to be a vegetarian or vegan, but it is a challenge to get regular protein from a meat-free diet (succulent proteins, of course) and too many meat lovers look forward to the comestible part of the dish as it helps them digest the vegetables and pulses with guilty indemnity.

Many of us will remember as children eating sausages, baked beans and onions or fries. If you took away the sausages the beans would [probably] not be consumed. Take a bite of your sausage and eat with a small amount of beans, and the dish is suddenly succulent and palatable. 

So, it is a good thing to know that science and technology have combined to come up with something we know as “Lab Grown Meat”.

There are several small companies or start-ups who are developing beef that is grown in the laboratory. No harm or slaughtering of any animal takes place. But surely this will taste a little too far from the real thing? Apparently not. 

The meat is grown in the laboratory from cultured cells. It turns the vision of avoiding animal cruelty and slaughter into a reality – and all the while meat-lovers get to continue to enjoy those sizzling sausages, fried chickens and perfectly grilled fish steaks.

Among the businesses in development of laboratory grown meats are:

  • Memphis Meats – a company based in San Francisco that will use biotechnology to transform stem cells and culture them into muscular tissue (meat). The company aims to begin marketing the meat as production costs fall. The anticipated market launch will be sometime in 2021.
  • MOSA Meats – A Dutch company which also plans to market meat to the general public by 2021. The cultured meat has been successfully experimented since 2015. The world’s first beef burger to be made from cultured meat was spawned here. The cost of the 2013-produced patty was a whopping $325,000. By 2021, the company aims to sell burgers to top class restaurants at a final cost of $11 per burger.
  • Super Meat – This Middle-Eastern company is an Israeli business which aims to soon produce chicken meat, ready for sale and consumption by 2021. 
  • Finless Foods is a business aiming to produce cultured fish meat and marine food products in the Indo-Pacific region. 

The prospect of eating meat that is real but involves no animal cruelty, farming or slaughter is in the middle of its development stage.  But the prospect is ultimately exciting for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike. 

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