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New Volvo autonomously - XC90

Self-driving cars are somewhat scary for some people, but these vehicles are specially equipped for driving without someone driving over it. Google and other companies are working on developing technologies that will, if implemented, enable users to take on other tasks while their cars are already on the road. This can be useful for a driver who must spend a great distance at night and prefer a closed eye instead of trying to stay awake all night.

Autonomous cars or self-driven cars are always expected in the automotive industry. These highly admirable cars have been a goal of automakers for a long time. The idea of being able to relax and play games in the driver’s seat rather than focus on the road seems a little unbelievable.

The Following Are the List of Self-Driven Cars, Model and Their Manufactures as Well as Their Model

New Volvo autonomous – XC90

The XC90 being released later this year will have some autonomous functions merged into it. Here is the first look at these new features:
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with steer assist: this makes your car stay aligned with the vehicle in front of it.

New Volvo autonomously - XC90
New Volvo autonomously – XC90

Important features

Self-driven car, Road edge or barrier detection with steer assist: Your car will automatically steer back onto the road if you start to drive off the sides. This will be very convenient and can help exhausted drivers stay on the road during long trips.

Autonomous braking: In case of an accident is about to occur, the vehicle starts to brake automatically. Although many car makers are beginning to integrate this technology, the XC90 will be the first to work at intersections in self-driven car tech.

Queue assist: This ensures that the car will take over steering, braking and accelerating during stop and go situations, like a traffic jam. This helps the driver keep up and stay safe even though they might no longer be focused on what is going on.

The XC90 will also feature a stronger exterior that is five times stronger than its antecedent, reducing the need for replacements. The self-driven car stand-alone XC90 features many cool features.  Drivers will be clever to benefit greatly from them and have a safer driving experience. While the car will be available at the end of the year, the car is also going to be making its public appearance at the October Paris Motor Show.

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Google’s Push: Waymo Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid self-driven car

The Internet giant has been involved in many internet, software and technology development not until this time where self-driving cars are not only being tested but successfully deployed. Up to now, a professional driver has always been behind the wheel of these cars, but Google is pushing for Nevada to become the first state in the nation to allow for driverless cars.  If Google’s appeal to state legislators is positively received and the governor signs on, then so-called autonomous cars may begin to roll out.

Waymo Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid self-driven car
Waymo Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid self-driven car

Waymo has got more than 60,000 cars from Fiat Chrysler for robotaxis.[Source]

Important features:

Autonomous cars work by making use of sensors chips, cameras, and laser rangefinders. The project is in assistance with artificial intelligence researchers at Stanford University, located near Google headquarters. This self-driven vehicle has the ability to reduce road accidents and deaths while improving energy efficiency. That, along with a car-sharing system, could reduce the number of cars on America’s roads, perhaps by one-half. Under one scenario, you might be able to call for a rental car to come to your home — driver-less, of course — and take you where you want to go.

This self-driven car uses sensors that give 360-degree views and lasers that detect objects up to 300 meters away. Short-range lasers are also used to detect and focus on objects close to the vehicle, while radar serves as a tracking device mounted around vehicles to track objects in motion. This car has an interior button basically build for the rider to control certain function while the self-driven car head to the traffic. In this self-driven car, there is an already installed virtual program capable of simulating driven condition, and this program is called car craft.

According to The New York Times, Google has tested autonomous vehicles for more than 140,000 miles on crowded California highways. These vehicles weren’t without a driver present, rather the driver sat behind the wheel of the car and let the car do the driving itself. A second person has always sat in the front passenger seat, taking notes and monitoring progress.

The Next Leap Forward in Tech/ Uber introduced its self-driving Car

Uber introduced its self-driving car in Pittsburgh. Uber’s cars are Volvo XC90 SUVs(sports utility vehicle) retrofitted with electronic components that make them self-driving.

Now, it’s still premature in the development of this technology. Uber’s cars will actually be manned by an individual who can take control of the vehicle when it hits a situation that it’s not programmed for or if there’s an emergency. It’s a bit similar autopilot on a plane with a person at the controls just in case.

Uber Self-Driving Car
Uber Self-Driving Car

Uber’s self-driving enterprise is going to have 100 cars as taxis in the streets of Pittsburgh. If you use the Uber app if it is possible to get a self-driving car sent to you the same way you do now when placing a ride request. Uber is looking to test the technology on passengers, pedestrians and other drivers in real-life, real-time conditions… and get data to adjust and improve everyone’s experience of using these cars.

The secrets to self-driving cars are sensors and data… and then computers to process this data. These things form the essence of a revolution that’s taking place right now called the Internet of Things megatrend. And it’s going to modify the way we transport ourselves around the world.

There’s big money to be made both in self-driving cars and the Internet of Things megatrend. Though, you can’t buy into Uber directly because it’s a private company. And you can’t dimly buy into stocks like Nvidia and Mobileye without doing proper research.

Upcoming investment in self-driven cars companies and problems encountered

The quest for the world’s first autonomous driverless taxi drivers is still underway. The test was held when Toyota and Transportation giant announced that it will boost its efforts to develop an autonomous vehicle with competitive initiatives in Japan, the US, and Europe.
Toyota will invest $ 500m in the company, which will develop vehicles by using Sienna mini-car manufacturers to begin testing in 2021, the company said this week.
Autonomous Uber driving suffered a failure in March when one of his self-propelled trucks hit and killed a tester in Arizona. Nissan and DeNa, a technology company, tested their Easy Ride 4.5-km road hauling service at the port city of Yokohama earlier this year.


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