Nokia 9 is back stronger!

nokia 9

Nokia has a great return to form after years of problems. And now they are entering the Android market with some pretty good phones to begin with. Nokia 9 in particular is quite interesting because it has a 5.99” display and 8 mm in thickness.

Display and design

The way it looks is actually quite interesting and distinctive. The fact that it has 5 cameras on the back is pretty insane and new for a phone. The Nokia 9 has a great resolution, 1440×2880 is actually a very good one and you will be pretty happy with it.

We like the fact that they bring in HDR10, corning gorilla glass protection and an always-on display. When it comes to looks alone, the product really shines because it’s super distinctive, easy to remember and at the same time it’s not too large to make it super hard to use.


6 GB of RAM are more than enough for the Nokia 9 and we like the fact that they went with 128 GB as internal store, because we all need as much storage as possible. They equipped this unit with Snapdragon 845, which is a top of the line unit.

As we mentioned earlier, the product has no less than 5 cameras on the back and they each have 12 MP each. The selfie camera on the front has 20 MP, it has 1080p support for videos and HDR support as well. It’s a bit strange that they didn’t go with a 4K approach, but it’s still looking phenomenal either way.

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Sound and performance

Noise cancellation is added here and that means the person you are talking with will not listen to anything in your background, which is actually quite nifty and interesting for the most part. We found that the fast battery charging system is also very powerful. The battery itself will keep you running for a day and sometimes even more depending on how you use it.

At close to $700, this device does pack a punch. Yes, it might not have the ultimate premium look that other devices in this list has. But the quality is there and the fact that you have a plethora of connectivity options, a full day of battery life and a lot of sensors is quite nicely.

It’s a bit strange that they are just offering it in midnight blue, but then again maybe they don’t want to create too many copies that will be really hard to sell in the end.

Overall, we believe that the Nokia 9 is a great phone. It looks quite nice, it has some of the best and latest specs out there. And while it doesn’t have full 4K support or anything like that, it does have a good battery life, it includes wireless charging and it works a lot better than you might expect.

HDR support is a great addition too, among others, and you will enjoy that all the same. It’s a good idea to test it out especially if you like high quality phones at a less expensive price point.

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