Pocket Sized Camera Drones


We are hearing an awful lot about drones lately. Only 10 years ago a drone was something the Americans used in warfare and resembled a plane that flew without a pilot. It was the stuff of very expensive military technology. Then television companies began using them to take aerial shots from above but these devices remained off the “must have” list of gadgets wanted by us mere mortals. 

Then suddenly the size of a drone became so small it could be placed on the passenger seat of a car and taken home for a test flight. The prices began to fall as the production increased and we even started hearing about them on the news. 

The pace at which the drone technology and advancement is moving is nothing short of amazing. If someone had said just a year ago you could have a drone with all the functions and features of a Phantom 4, but made small enough to fit inside your pocket, you would have been on the phone to the big burly men in white coats. 

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Yet here we are. The DJI Mavic is launched and proudly boasts to be around a third the size of the Phantom 4, only with all the same picture qualities and features you would expect from a top of the range drone. 

Even the hand held controller is small. Then you have the charger: once again minute in size compared to other models. The entire kit can be pack in a rucksack with plenty of room for all those other things you might want to pack. Ideal for going out in the wilds on a hike or camping trip. 

Yet, although the DJI Mavic is small, it actually just appears that way after you fold it all up. Open up its arms and suddenly it starts to look more like a standard-sized drone. Portability is king here. 

Even the box the DJI Mavic comes in is pretty convenient. If fits in nice and compact and should be used to house to drone when you are packing it for that trip out into the woods or a maze that you want to get out of. 

The arms of the drone need to be unfolded and you’ll need to take care as the rear and front arms are connected by separate axes. There is a small safety lock to prevent flight and make the drone secure. This needs to be removed before flight and replaced once you have finished your adventure. 

The speed of the drones is very good by industry standards. The Mavic can reach 40 mph with considerable ease. There are many other wonderful little features found on this tiny drone that fits snuggly in the pocket of your cargo shorts.

How Mavic Drones Handles the Wind

You might have noticed on a windy day that the Phantom 4 tends to get shoved around a bit. Rolling in at double the weight of the Mavic, it should come as no surprise. However, the Mavic works tirelessly to stay in one spot on a windy day.

Landing the drone is a pretty cool experience too. Like most drones, it will allow you control over flight when a metre above the ground or below. So the Mavic tends to go into its own automated landing sequence. This takes out the bounce and thud experienced by most drone landings. 

Drones are generally getting smaller and the features remaining just as dynamic. This all works out as an excellent vision of the future for the pocket-sized drone and one to include as an excellent birthday or Christmas gift next time you are looking for that hard-to-buy friend or relative of yours.

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