Samsung – Details of Release Dates for the Galaxy Fold

samsung galaxy fold

Inevitably, there will be some delays when something so grand in the field of technology, like Samsung Galaxy Fold, is due for imminent release. It was the same back in 2007, when the first iPhone came out around three months after we all expected it. 

Often, the delay is to smooth out some tweaks and adaptions before putting it out on general release. The phone was originally supposed to pass the test with a number of reviewers before general release. They noted a number of minor issues that Samsung were forced to iron out.

Many has pre-ordered the phone and the South Korean tech giant had to cancel those orders as it sought to get the phone out in an impeccable state. The cost of $1980 for the Galaxy Fold demands a sound phone with zero issues. It would also be a marketing faux pas if the new ground-breaking phone wasn’t up to the highest possible standard. 

Among the tweaks it made for the Galaxy Fold include the narrowing of that annoying gap that sits between the hinge and the display itself. Debris and dust began to settle easily into this small area -and users found their brand new smartphone was actually picking up fluff from the inside of pockets and even entering the mechanics of the phone. 

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Plastic caps were added to prevent anything getting into this gap. Moreover, the edges of the screen protector are now hidden from the users, in a way to stop people from peeling this off. One of the first things smartphone users do, when they unbox their brand new smartphone, is to peel off the protective screen layer. The Samsung Galaxy Fold screen should not be peeled off. 

There have been some tweaks made by Samsung, following the delayed release date of the Galaxy Fold smartphone. Those gaps around the outer face of the hinge are now practically invisible and the two plastic covers that protect the hinges at the top and the bottom of the screen and its film are now tapered to the edge of the device. This gives the phone an appearance of a much tighter closure and makes it narrower too.

Many tech observers were actually expecting the release of the Galaxy Fold back in April 2019. However, the reviewers reported screen issues which included warping and broken facades. It was a huge setback for Samsung as it was easily on course to release the first folding phone before its rivals were due to release their versions. 

Samsung Is Still On Course

Samsung has already released the Galaxy Fold in South Korea. It was launched on September 6. In several European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Germany the phone is due to be launched on September 18. 

The United States will not see the launch of the Galaxy Fold until September 27. The expected cost of the phone is said to be £1,800 in the UK and $1980 in the US.

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