Samsung or Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Which one is best?

Smartwatches have been a source of mystery to the consumer lately. Few people know what they would use them for and the sales have been struggling. So, with that in mind, it is time to tell you about two of the biggest and best models on the market today and compare them next to one another. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch (Series 4) are both extremely good smartwatches. We think you’ll be more suitably impressed by the functions and uses of each smartwatch, whether you are an Android lover or prefer the iOS way of doing things.

Fitness trackers are all the rage and both these two models have excellent features that will track all your fitness needs. However, in the aesthetics of these two phones, there is something very different between the two. 

The shape of the watch face is square on the Apple Watch and yet the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch boasts a round face. The round face of the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch means it looks more like the old analogue watches of the past. 

There is also a spinning bezel around the edge of the Galaxy, which is used when you adapt the settings. It also lights up when you browse through your notifications. You will notice a little “click” as it scrolls – not a cumbersome one but a pleasant sensation.

The Look and Feel

There is no doubt about it: the Samsung Galaxy Watch feels heavier and thicker. This cumbersome effect should only be noticeable on people with smaller wrists though. It will probably be most obvious during a workout in the gym. 

Black and silver tend to be the standard colours the Galaxy Watch comes in; but if you opt for the 42mm version, you will find a gold one available. The Apple Watch Series 4 is available in silver, gold or grey versions, regardless of the size.

Can you Change the Straps?

Absolutely. Apple Watch has more official straps than Galaxy but a quick check online and you will see third-party ones for both models in some abundances. 

How does the screens on both watches appear when you are outside in direct sunlight, for instance? Both proved to be easily visible outdoors. The Galaxy Watch has a “super AMOLED” screen which tends to look very bright outside but raising the wrist – in order to “wake up” the watch proved to be less responsive than the Apple Watch is.


The Samsung Galaxy is compatible with both iOS and Android. That surprised us and pleased us too. Just think, a Galaxy smartwatch running on an iOS? It goes without saying of course, the Apple Watch only works in tandem with the iPhone. 

Features Present in Both

  • It synchronises effortlessly with your smartphone
  • It can run any applications, just like your smartphone can
  • The Apple Watch allows you to pay for goods and services via the Apple Pay or Samsung Pay apps. However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch can be used to pay only by NFC touch. To use Samsung Pay you must use the smartphone. 
  • All activities are tracked manually and automatically with or without a Wi-Fi connection. 
  • GPS tracking service on both smartwatches
  • Voice Assistants are available on both with the Bixby popping up on the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and Siri supporting the Apple Watch.
  • Send SMS/MMS messages, make and take calls and get notifications
  • Raise your wrist to wake the smartwatch up – although the Galaxy one tends to be very unresponsive at times. 


The Galaxy Watch probably sells for around $300 in the US, but if you want the LTE service (to make and take calls and messages), it would cost another $70.

The lowest cost we found for the Apple Watch is around $400. The LTE (required for making and taking calls and messages) would cost an extra $100. 

Voice Assistants

It has to be noted the voice assistants are a little more limited than the ones on our smartphones or tablets. Siri seems to be much faster than Bixby, it was also noted. 

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Health and Fitness

Everybody seems to be into health and fitness these days. It is not just the gym junkies and the athletes who love to monitor steps, miles, calories and heart rates. Nowadays, there are many who look to stay healthy, keep their weight down and generally just monitor their activity levels.

Health and fitness is a good way to keep track of your vital statistics and both Apple and Samsung smartwatches are outstanding for these features. Take the Apple Watch, for example, and you will find some 15 workout programs already programmed in. 

Each of these two smartwatches tends to offer a vibration whenever some form of hard work is detected. The Galaxy Watch has around 40 programs factored in on its pre-program. The activities covered tend to be running, walking, gym apparatuses and floor exercises. 

The Galaxy Watch actually auto-detects cycling, but the Apple smartwatch does not. However, the Apple watch will detect swims – something the Galaxy cannot. 

Doctor Apple on the Wrist

Inside the Apple Watch is an ECG app. This app is cleared and approved by the FDA and can alert you when it detects an abnormality in the heart rate. It can also note an irregular heartbeat and alert you to that too. Its clever sensors can notice when you have been involved in a bad fall and auto-dials your loved ones in the event of such an emergency.

Doctor Galaxy?

The Galaxy Watch acts as a sleep tracker and this is a feature not present on the Apple Watch. As well as measuring heart and stress levels, it can also detect the quality of your sleep [restless, deep, REM or light]. 


The Apple Watch tends to be a real winner at the end of the day. It has more emphasis on health than the Galaxy, a greater speed in its processer and it is bigger too. That said, the Samsung Galaxy is a worthwhile smartwatch at a lower price and has many dynamic features.

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