Sony Xperia 1 Review: Worth it or Not?

sony xperia 1
sony xperia 1

With the recent division of smartphones under Sony, the prior handsets such as Xperia 10 and 10 plus compared with Sony Xperia 1 haven’t really impressed us. However, this particular Xperia 1 handset has come forth with improved software loadout, camera array and chipset as compared to its predecessors. Sony considers it as a soft relaunch of Xperia series too! 

Now this particular smartphone has been designed for a very specific target audience i-e: movie junkies. The 21:9 aspect ratio offers widescreen experience to the move makers and movie buffs. This smart phone includes a wide range of settings specifically designed to optimize viewing experience for its audience.

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The price of this handset may come as a shock for some since a single smartphone costs a whooping USD $ 949 with 128 GB storage size! This means that Sony Xperia 1 is even more costly than Samsung’s Galaxy 10 that costs about USD $ 899.


With a surprisingly low brightness option, Xperia 1 is a huge turn off when it comes to the display options. It’s hard to see the screen when you are out and about on a sunny day so it makes task of taking pictures or videos, challenging. This phone is intended for movie makers and viewers so it was intended to show optimized content that can be easily viewed and/or recorded. However, the display is lower as compared to other similar phones such as Huawei P30. The display screen size is 6.5 inch with 1644 x 3840 resolution. The pixel density is 643 px/in which is a pretty impressive specification when it comes to detailing. So the content can be watched with greater detail on this handset if we ignore the brightness problem. 


Now the design of Xperia 1 is very similar to other smartphones by Sony – it’s rather lanky, long and thin with unusual dimensions (167 x 72 x 8.2 mm). This handset weighs around 180g and is a little longer than your average handset – with a bit more trimming on width. The Xperia 1 handset has Corning Gorilla Glass on both back and front, supported with a metal frame in the middle of the Gorilla Glass. Regardless of the usage of these premium materials, this handset looks rather delicate because its thin body seems to be easily bendable. This phone is available in gray, white, black and purple colors.

The device consists of fingerprint scanner on right hand side but again the sensor is not very reliable. The handset includes USB charging, headphone and data transfer port at its bottom edge. It has two speaker grills placed on the front notch and lastly, it includes extractable SIM and SD card slot


  • Pro Cinema 4k Shooting Application
  • Exclusive Screen Size (21:9 Aspect Ratio)
  • Excellent Color Reproduction 
  • Impressive Performance and Chipset 


  • Costly yet offers average camera resolution
  • Unreliable Fingerprint Sensor
  • Lesser Battery Life
  • Dim Screen

Final Verdict:

The Sony Xperia 1 series is a great improvement in Sony’s recent series of smartphones. Although it has a few flaws and missteps, but this handset will be of great interest for new film makers and movie buffs

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