StumbleUpon is No More – Top 8 Alternatives Of Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is no more, It has been closed on 30th June officially. The shocking news! After 16 years, this web sharing website is moving to another similar website

StumbleUpon is No More - Alternatives?

The co-founder of StumbleUpon, Garrett Camp has announced in Medium,

After careful consideration, we’ve made the decision to focus fully on building Mix and transition StumbleUpon accounts into over the next couple of months.

Source: Medium

In Twitter, from the official account, StumbleUpon has also announced,

StumbleUpon is moving to, a new place for you to find, share, and save things you like on the web. Join us today!

— StumbleUpon (@StumbleUpon) May 29, 2018

But Garrett Camp said, all the users of StumbleUpon can easily move to Mix.

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Alternatives of StumbleUpon

Mix: StumbleUpon is moved to Mix officially. So migrating to Mix is the best solution.

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