Surface Pro 4

surface pro 4

Surface Pro 4 is one of the latest tablets on the market designed with professionals in mind. In many ways, it’s pretty much a computer, but a very portable one that you can enjoy using everywhere you go. It’s adaptable to many situations and you will have no problem using it in a variety of industries.

surface pro 4


Right off the bat, you will notice that the Surface Pro 4 is extremely light. This is great considering the fact that the entire unit has 12.3” and it’s not a very small tablet.

We believe that this reaches the balance point when it comes to weight and size, so in many ways, it’s the perfect product for students and professionals that want a portable laptop and a tablet

The product doesn’t have a lot of glare, which means that once you combine it with the high contrast, you receive a very good set of visuals. And yes, it helps protect your eyes just as much, all without putting a lot of strain on them. Since you can attach a keyboard to it, you can go from tablet to laptop mode in a snap.

When it comes to specs, the 256 GB of storage are quite ok even for productivity addicts. And on top of that, they added an Intel Core I7e which is extremely good even in the most demanding productivity tasks, as you might imagine.

The fact that you have only 8 GB of RAM might not seem like a lot at this price. But since it’s mostly for productive people, you won’t require a ton of resources and this seems like the best option to have. They could have added 8 more, however that might happen in the next version.

Within this package, you have the laptop itself, the Surface Pen, power supply and warranty. You will notice that this product comes with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled, so it feels very familiar and easy to use.

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Surface Pro 4 offers some of the best performance out of all kinds of tablets out there. It’s very robust, and the design is impressive. Plus, you get lots of flexibility because you can use it as a tablet as well as a laptop once you attach the keyboard to it.

And you will be quite impressed with how fast it is and how intuitive the menus are. Working with Windows 10 does make a lot of sense, and it just offers a simpler way to transfer stuff from a desktop computer to your unit.

As a whole, the Surface Pro 4 is a great product. But it’s super expensive, and the battery life is still 5-7 hours, so it didn’t improve a lot. Also, you pay quite the premium for specs that you can acquire a lot cheaper elsewhere. Yet despite all of that Surface Pro 4 is one of the laptop/tablet combos that you should buy. It’s very durable, it works great, and you can enjoy using it again and again. Granted, you do need to acquire many accessories separately, but once you get into this ecosystem it will be worth it!

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