The Guide to the Top 5 Fitness Apps

fitness apps

Smartphones are essential in this age and era for use of fitness apps

Through their apps, they can help keep you healthy. They range from sleeping trackers to health trackers. They have many sensors that assist health trackers and fitness apps perform their functions.

Most fitness apps source their data from the sensors that help the user have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. The fitness apps have training routines that can guide your workouts at home. You no longer have to get a fitness instructor, analyze your schedule, or get a gym subscription. Your health is in your hands. This guide will help you find the best fitness app for your routine and fitness goals.

Runtastic Running Distance and Fitness Tracker:

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This is the best app for fitness enthusiasts. Through GPS, it can help the user track their jogging, biking, walking, and running routes. Through this user information, the app is able to analyze the data and create tables and graphs that help you track your progress. You also have the liberty to use this app as you use gym equipment such as the treadmill. Its most distinct features include cheering, live tracking, and a voice coach.

Fitness enthusiasts can also use the app to set running goals and through the data, they can meet all their fitness goals. The Android wear support enables you to share your goals and achievements on social media directly from the Android Wear feature. Moreover, it is free. On the other hand, it might be good to note that this app has in-app purchases and advertisements.

Google Fit- Fitness Tracking:

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It is a product of Google and makes use of sensors to record the activities of the user. The sensor is present in the phone or activity tracker of the user. It helps with showing stats of your riding, walking and running events in real-time. Additionally, it marks the elevation, route, pace and speeds of the user.

It recognizes that the users will want to set new goals after achieving their old ones or will need to alter their goals. The alterations that a user can make include goals that deal with calorie burn, distance, time, and steps. It is the best option for home workouts as it has Android Wear and total integration. This app stands out because it does not have in-app purchases and advertisements in its free version.

Nike Training Club- Workouts and Fitness Plans:

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This is another amazing fitness app that is free and does not have in-app purchases and advertisements. It has more than 160 free workouts that help with mobility, endurance, and strength. In addition to this, it has three difficulty levels that enable a person to grow and improve.

You do not have to keep checking your smartphone screen as you work out and get distracted by incoming messages and calls. Through this app, you will be able to stream it on the TV through a HDMI cable, Chromecast, and Apple TV. Moreover, you can track your fitness activities, such as basketball, spinning and even running, and record them.

Runkeeper- GPS Track Run Walk:

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This Android app is very popular and is marketed as a fully featured app. Its 50 million users swear by it and promise amazing results to those of us who have not tried it yet. This app uses the smartphone’s GPS to track the fitness of the user, record and compare the results. This allows the user to view their progress as they use the app. They can keep track of their fitness input and health.

It is very accurate when calculating the user’s calorie burn, elevation, route distance, cycling speed and running pace. The users are able to access this information at any time and place. Moreover, it allows you to either create your personal training plan through audio coaching or follow the available ones.

This enables the user to customize their experience. This favors people who suffer from aches, pains and conditions that will not allow them to perform some of the activities present in the training app. Runkeeper has in-app purchases and advertisements. It is free and allows the user to track their stats using Android Wear smartwatch. It supports widgets.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer:

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This app like some other fitness apps creates room for improvement through mapping and tracking the workouts, enabling feedback and tracking stats. This app is built for people who get bored with doing the same workouts periodically. It provides the user with 600 tracking activities that include yoga, cross-training, gym workouts, walking, cycling, and running.

Moreover, the user can get audio feedbacks as the app uses the phone GPS to track the workout. The voice feedback is customizable. In addition to this, the user can use the app to track their weight, plan their diet, nutrition, and count their calories. Through its routes feature, you can be able to locate places nearby for working out and saving the footpaths that you intend to follow when you run.

You are also able to share information with other people. Thus, you can share your progress with your nutritionist, family, and friends as they encourage you through your fitness journey. The app has in-app purchases and advertisements. It is free. You have the option of avoiding these advertisements by opting to become a premium user. This will give you access to useful and better features in the app.

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Tips for Using Fitness Apps

  • Make sure that you are in a serene environment that allows you to concentrate on your routine. This includes putting your devices on silent and airplane mode if need be.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is capable of absorbing sweat. This will make you comfortable enough to finish your routine and achieve your goals.
  • Make sure that the liquid is placed in an accessible place. This includes water and nutritious drinks.
  • Try out the apps and figure out which one works best for you. If you are comfortable with the app, you will be more at ease when you use it.
  • Fitness apps will always be your personal virtual trainer so never underestimate the benefits of using it.
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