The Nokia 7.1

nokia 7.1
nokia 7.1

The stand out features of the Nokia 7.1 have to be its excellent camera, fantastic display and HDR quality video. The photos you take will look so good you will just want to share them with friends and companions on social media. 

Images look like studio-style quality as this Nokia has a double rear camera using ZEISS optics. There is even a special feature of AI technology that will allow you to add filters, masquerades and personal touches in 3D. The cameras actually sense the depth in the picture. You’ll be surprised at how professional your images will look. 

Nokia were one of the biggest players in the mobile phone market – that was until smartphones came out and Samsung and Apple grabbed all the limelight. Now Nokia are seemingly out to make up on a lost decade with the 7.1.

Nokia 7.1 photos are in HDR and look crisper and sharper. There is more detail in the light and dark parts of the picture and after you have uploaded them onto your social media platforms, you can sit back and watch the “likes” roll in. 

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Pure Display Screen

The Nokia 7.1 pure display makes it easy to view whether you are inside or outdoors. When you shoot videos, the phone actually converts from SDR to HDR in real time. Playback of your videos – or videos on YouTube and other sharing platforms – is equally an experience to savour. 

The colours are true and the playback display is vivid. The screen is high definition plus and measures an impressive 5.9” but there is one feature you will be impressed by: the battery life.

Nokia 7.1 has a powerful battery that will keep the phone going all day long without the need to charge. It does not matter if you are browsing the web, taking pictures on the dual ZEISS camera or watching HDR videos. 

A phone of this high quality needs to be a real master and has to have a bit of “tech muscle”. It has a 4GB RAM and a power handling system called the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636, as its platform. So, enough there to handle all those power-eating features. 


The Nokia 7.1 runs as an Android phone (Android 9 Pie, specifically). The software is designed by Google and is tailored for the 7.1. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 acts as a powerful platform and its best feature is to hold an all-day charge of that excellent battery. 


Nothing beats a great set of headphones. The Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are so good there is no reduction in sound quality at all when using. Moreover, the earbuds are extremely light and small enough to fit into the charging case. 

Incidentally, the charging case features a point for the earbuds to charge so they can be used wirelessly. After a full charge, the earbuds will last a fully 14 hours of constant high quality sound and music before the next recharge is required. 

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