The Samsung Galaxy A50, a Very Special Release!

the samsung galaxy a50
the samsung galaxy a50
The Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Smartphones: Too Many Releases but The Samsung Galaxy A50 is special and Inexpensive

Samsung, the South Korean tech company has always been a real frontrunner in the smartphone technology market. It produces a range of audio and electronic machines that get us through modern life. 

Samsung produce high quality smart televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and mobile smartphones among others. Indeed, the high technology big player produces so much in the way of models and devices it’s difficult to keep abreast.

This is particularly so in the smartphone market. It is already exceeded more than 100 models in the smartphone market and this figure continues to grow. 

Some Samsung smartphones can be very expensive. Arguably, they are worth it. They have many features and can often be described as all-singing and all-dancing but come at cost. So, it comes as a pleasant surprise to introduce a little-known fact that one its high-end phones with several outstanding features is selling at a mid-range price: the Samsung Galaxy A50.

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It forms part of the A-series of phones the tech company has introduced. There are so many of them it is impossible to list them all here. The great thing about the A50 is that it is much cheaper than the other top of the range S-series of phones (which can be well in excess of $600). 

Yet remarkably, the A50 is a good seller but can be so much more popular if it were marketed more diligently. We are going on the thinking that potential buyers are looking at the cost of this phone and thinking, “It can’t be all that good if Samsung can sell it so cheap?”

Some Samsung phones are definitely far from cheap. You may have seen a dynamic and compulsive advertising campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The company wants this model to fall off the shelves and with its $1,000 price tag, you can fully understand why.

Then there is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The phone that can literally fold like a newspaper. It has had many teething problems. The Galaxy Fold has screen issues which delayed its launch. Furthermore, the public never really got behind the gimmickry of a phone that folds or bends. 

In fact, it reminds us of the laptops that projected on to your coffee table or could be skewed and bent and still operate. They never really took off, did they? The Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at $1,900, so if that’s not enough to put you off, one does not know what would. 

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is was released in February 2019 and at a cost of just $350 it would suit most budgets and has a rich number of dynamic features.

The Dynamic Battery

The display is a healthy 6.4 inches, the camera boasts a rear action 13 megapixels. However, the battery is a beauty. The 4,000-mAh has a “fast charger” feature that will power from dead to full in about 55 minutes. Moreover, light use of the phone will keep the battery life going for about four days. The A50 is a secret success. 

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