Top 3 Best Gallery Apps For Android

Top 3 Best Gallery Apps For Android

Every day we use smartphones to take pictures. As the quality of the images grows generation after generation, gallery apps that we use must be of high quality too, so we can have a great experience when we look through our photos. That is why we handpicked these three gallery apps for you.

Google Photos

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Google Photos is probably the best app for Android and iOS too when it comes to photo managing. It offers a super user experience and has a great user interface, powered by the latest Google Material Design.

Some of its best features are free unlimited storage, visual search, advanced editing, shared libraries. But one feature it misses is a separated folder image view. We hope Google adds that soon.

Piktures – Beautiful Gallery

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Just like its name, Piktures is a beautiful gallery. After Google Photos, it offers the best user experience a gallery app can offer. Piktures is super simple to use. You can switch easily from folder to folder, and cloud to cloud.

Piktures helps you to access your cloud photos & videos easily, also you can hide photos with a built-in secret drive. With Piktures you can screencast your photos or videos to a tv so easily, it also has a built-in QR Code scanner for when you need it.

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Focus – Picture Gallery

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Focus is developed with speed, efficiency, and ease of use in mind. It features a powerful tagging mechanism to access and organize your albums. All your pictures and videos will be accessible from the main page without the need to change context with an intelligent vertical & horizontal navigation. It features password protection as well .

Its developer, Francisco Franco, is well-known in the Android Development Community.

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