Top 5 Virtual Reality Apps

virtual reality apps

Virtual reality apps have the capability to immerse you in incredible visuals of 360- degrees.

In the previous times, there were limitations to the virtual reality experiences. Now you have the liberty to enjoy this same experience using the virtual reality apps.  

The following are the 5 best virtual reality apps that will give you an amazing virtual reality experience. 


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You act as the camera in Allumette and it is breathtaking. It is a story about a young girl living in a cloud-borne village. While acting as the camera, you explore the drawn world that is gorgeous, the way you like. You also have the liberty to ignore the story line if you wish to. 

You must understand that it is not a game, but rather, a narrative. The characters in Allumette virtual reality app do not speak. Instead they communicate using some noises and emotive forms, which convey the intent and emotion quite effectively. 

The story in this virtual reality app is connected to Hans Christian Andersen’s poem and thus is heartrending and charming. You would love to experience Allumette because very few virtual reality apps have this sense of weight and viewer presence.

 It is somewhere between video games and filmic narrative and still manages to rise above genre. Allumette is a simple and divine experience worth your time.     


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Colosse is also among the best five virtual reality apps due to its top-notch sound design that is absolutely wonderful. The driving forces behind this app are the Samurai Jack-esque animation. It is a short story virtual reality experience that is responsive to the rooted player’s gaze, hence moves the narrative forward seamlessly. 

Colosse seems to revel in its sense of scale as it has some clever details throughout. Consequently, the developer, Fire Panda, describes it as a storytelling experience of real-time virtual reality. “Hunter” is one of the fascinating characters that is rendered at twelve frames each second, as the rest is in 60 thus contributing to a unique atmosphere.

The visual and audio cues will direct your gaze. Additionally, certain objects will only activate when you look at them, thus providing a natural sense of pace. The occurrence of certain events is dependent upon your direction, meaning that you can hardly get stuck looking for the next puzzle piece.

Colosse began as a design but is among the virtual reality apps with a sight to behold.   

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Google Earth VR

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The moment virtual reality apps began hitting the entertainment medium, many people looked forward to the fun that Google Earth would bring. Google Earth virtual reality is about flying around the planet just like a hypersonic eagle. It is not only enjoyable but also educational if you like geography.

If you hardly like this subject, you have other options too. You can pay a digital visit to Djibouti’s capital or utilize the quick-nav menu to explore the landmark sites in the Golden Gate Bridge or the Sphinx. The areas and landscapes appear as more than colorful smudges. 

Since it is among the free virtual reality apps, you can do more. You have the liberty to zoom across vast distances instantly and also descend upon the mammoth structures such as the Hoover Dam, an experience that is exhilarating, despite that making out the individual cars is sort of impossible.  

Google Earth virtual reality is fun, if you can ignore the absence of too many details.     

Kingspray Graffiti VR

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The Kingspray Graffiti virtual reality lets you live the wildest dreams of being a street artist. It definitely is not about being like a guy who paints himself only to stand still for multiple hours. Instead, it is about being a true street artist like Shepard Fairey or Banksy, whereby you can unleash the imagination in your mind for the urban passersby to appreciate. 

With this virtual reality app, you can use virtual spray paint to do whatever you wish on five digital walls, ranging from empty walls to rooftops. Kingspray has spray and realistic drip effects that come in different can caps and pressures so that you can fully customize your masterpiece. 

Additionally, you can load some images and project them onto the surfaces you choose, so as they can be your stencils. You are allowed to save 360 degree screen captures and include a maximum of three friends to paint online. Picking up loose objects like bottles and bricks to thro at each other is allowed too.  

Kingspray is among the amazing gangster virtual reality apps.        


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It is usually fun to use your virtual reality head set to watch videos or content form YouTube, Hulu or Netflix. It feels like you own a personal IMAX movie theater that you can visit at your liking, without having to spend on popcorn or even the cookie dough bites. 

Littlstar virtual reality Cinema is much better than this. It changes the game by giving you a library of 360 degree videos, whose purpose is to make you feel in charge, like the cameraman. With this free virtual reality app, you have a unique point of view. 

Therefore, you can educate yourself on different matters, such as the state of Nepal post-earthquake. You can also have fun with some music video. The content that is available here makes Littlstar virtual reality Cinema one of the best virtual reality apps available today.

You will find sports content, Broadway theater content, kids content and many more things, for free. The user interface of this VR app may be smoother or some platforms and rough on others. But that is nothing to worry about. 

Luck is you who is creative because you can film and upload your original 360 degree content for other people to enjoy as they view. 

These five virtual reality apps are the top best and thus deserve your exploration before discrediting any. Ensure that you explore all corners of the app to have the best of everything given to you. If you have talent like art and creativity, use it to make the VR experience fun.

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