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There is a coffee table, it is being marketed on the platform of new ideas and innovative technological breakthroughs. But this is no ordinary coffee table. This is the Jigabyte Coffee Table that lets you enjoy eating a snack, having a drink to place and watching online streaming media at the same time. 

At present, we might sit on the sofa and watch sporting highlights, movies and videos streamed directly off the internet with our tablets and even tiny little smartphones. But from now there will be a way to watch online content straight off our touch-enabled coffee table!

These interactive touch screen coffee tables have been around for a few months now. We might only see them at tech fairs and exhibitions but they have been around for a few months. They are available to buy, but I would not be lying if I said you’d need to spend a fair few pennies to source one.

However, the extortionate cost of the touch screen Jigabyte coffee table could soon become more affordable, thanks to a British firm that shares the same name of the table. Jigabyte’s mission is to reduce the cost of these coffee tables to the point where they can become more affordable, and begin to revolutionise the way we use counter tops, tables, walls and fridge doors.

touch screen
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It is not just the coffee table that will have a touch-enabled panel in the future, there will be many other household panels that will dictate how we run our lives in the home of the future. The built-in wall cooker and hob, our refrigerator, the counter top will display all our favourite cooking recipes and the coffee table as well as the arms of our sofa could all become super smart touch screen-enabled technologies to enjoy. 

Take a look at the video above to see some examples in action of how the future might shape up in the office 

But who has been selling the interactive coffee tables for a while? Ideum, a tech company in New Mexico has been selling coffee tables for some time now. The models enjoy ultra HD resolution, Intel Core processing units, huge space for RAM and a hard drive with enough space to fill several terabytes of storage space. 

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Different Screen Sizes

The models on sale in New Mexico come in three different sizes: 43, 49 and 55 inch screens. Moreover, they are all singing and dancing devices but will come with at a hefty price tag. Whereas Jigabyte’s entry into the interactive touch-enabled coffee table market should be considerably cheaper. 

Interactive coffee tables can cost around $5,000 at present, but the considerably cheaper option at Jigabyte should only set you back around half that price. However, the features available are somewhat limited. 

The Jigabyte coffee table runs on the old Windows 7 OS (although there is no reason why the integration to Windows 10 will be available for the future in an upgrade) and the screen display size is only 32 inches. But the future of interactive touch-enabled technology is finally here and will do a lot more than hold a decent cup of coffee.

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