Types of nanotechnology and best nanotech products

types of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is offering great opportunities to many industries. With its help, we have the amazing opportunity to enhance how we live, the food we eat is also improved via nanotech, not to mention the energy we acquire is also influenced by it as well. So you have to wonder, what types of nanotechnology are there and what are the best nanotech products that you will find right now?

Types of nanotechnology

There are 4 main types of materials in nanotechnology. First, you have the carbon-based materials, and these take the form of tubes, spheres that are hollow inside and tubes. Usually these materials tend to be used as great coatings and films, electronics applications and so on.

Metal-based materials are very powerful and quite popular in the nanotech world. These include metal oxides, nanosilver, nanogold, and quantum dots, among many others. The quantum dots have thousands of atoms, yet they are very small. By changing the quantum dot size, you change optical properties.

Composites are combining some nanoparticles with either bulk materials or other nanoparticles. You can use these composites for packaging materials, offering flame-retardant properties, boosting barriers, thermal or mechanical properties.

And lastly, you have dendrimers, which are nanosized polymers created right from branched units. You will notice that the dendrimer surface comes with multiple chain ends and you can customize that for specific chemical functions. It even works for catalysis.

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Best nanotech products

Nanotechnology products can be used in just about any industry. And they can actively bring in front some astounding and rewarding benefits, as you might imagine. They can have medical use, for example they can deliver drugs directly to diseased cells. This means those drugs work faster and the patient will have increased chances of survival.

In addition, the nanotechnology can also be used in the food industry. You have the Miller Brewing clay nanoparticles that keep oxygen out and maintain the carbon dioxide inside. Which means the beverage is not spoiling and retains its freshness in the long run.

Nanorepel has fabric coating with nanotech, when the coat feels any major pressure like an incoming bullet, the molecule layer freezes up and that helps keep the bullet away. Also, nanotechnology can be used in batteries in a very distinctive way. Positive electrodes in these devices are replaced with lithium iron phosphate, a nanotech product that helps you maintain a longer charge without that much of a hassle.

Also, a company named Eagle One creates automotive cosmetic products with nanotech. They add nanotechnology in their product in order to create a coating that goes on clear all the time. These particles will fill any flaws, and they will maintain the paint strength in the long run.

In conclusion, nanotechnology has a positive impact on our society, and it continues to offer amazing solutions for day to day problems. It’s important to adapt and adjust everything to suit your needs and the results can be astonishing. In fact, you might even be using

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