Mind Blowing Upcoming New Technology 2019

Upcoming New Technology

We are eagerly waiting to see the upcoming new Technology which will change our life magically. Several technologies will be evaluated in 2019.

You know the advancement in science as result of long searching solutions of a certain problem, issues, as well as already as questions of how, where and when a certain predicament on health, business, education, politics can be solved, through the implementation of scientific research called technology.

Upcoming New Technology
Upcoming New Technology

There is a lot of ongoing research and documentation in order to improve the speed and time delivery of a particular task with ease, as well as high-level precision in quality delivery of goods services to save human life and time as well. In other to maintain a high standard of living, advancement in science and technology has to be at the front burner of our everyday life, and to understand the chemistry that is, (the seek to explore the physical and chemical reaction of event happening in our environment) life in order to self-guide our day to day activities on earth.

Top List of Upcoming Technology in 2019

  • 3D printing becomes a mainstream consumer technology
  • 2019 Lexus ES with digital cameras in place of side view mirrors 2019 car tech
  • The initial mission to a gas giant using solar sail propulsion
  • Huawei Foldable 5G smartphones are launching in 2019
  • The first prototype Stratobus will be launched in 2019
  • The launch of the BIOMASS mission tech
  • BMW Reveals First Details of 2019 X5 SUV Plug-In Hybrid Version tech
  • Bionic eyes with high resolution 2019 tech
  • Hyundai bets on hydrogen fuel cell trucks. Car tech 2019
  • Automated freight transport vehicle tech 2019

Full Details of the Best 5 Upcoming Tech:

3D Printer: The Mainstream Consumer Technology

3D Printer
3D Printer

Buy main looking at it, the production of additives was first shown in the 1980s technology, and for years it was limited to specialized applications in product design, industrial prototypes, medical models and architecture. Like older computers, these machines were bulky, expensive and slower; generally limited to large companies with huge research and development budgets.3D printing technology, also known as AM Additive (additive manufacturing), is a process that allows printing of physical objects in three dimensions, unlike traditional paper printers that work in two dimensions. Controlled by the computer, the sequential layers of the materials with which the products can be made with a high degree of precision. This is usually achieved by the powder being heated by a laser or held in place by aerosol adhesive.

Later in the future, 3D printing will take even more steps. In schools, the use of this technology in the classroom is widespread. * In hospitals, it is possible to manufacture human organs from scratch, eradicating the need for donors. Large 3D format printing is increasingly used in building and vehicles. – even base on the Moon. * At the end of the 21st century, entire skyscrapers can be printed from the ground to the dark surface. * The overall effect of 3D printing is the greater localization of the company, lower transport requirements, lower CO2 emissions and less waste

ReadFuturistic Invention Idea

Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks Technology

Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks
Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

Meanwhile, Hyundai hydrogen fuel cell trucks as one of the upcoming technology seem that Hyundai is a jealous Toyota Portal project and wants to have its own hydrogen fuel cell truck: here is the vehicle display shown in the next IAA for commercial vehicles. The market introduction of Hyundai FCV trucks is planned in 2019. Plans for the European market were announced in the first place.

Hyundai Motor today presented the first picture of a new fuel cell for trucks with a drive that will be launched in 2019. After the ix35 fuel cell and NEXO, Hyundai has made another important step for its leadership in fuel cell technology with the introduction of a fuel cell fuel cell.
Fuel cell electric truck boasts has an outstanding design that distinguishes it from other Hyundai commercial vehicles. The truck is designed for a simple and clean design that is aerodynamically effective with a spoiler and side protection.

The front grille signifies hydrogen through geometric shapes, giving the vehicle a unique and powerful look. The vehicle emanates an eco-friendly look with an iconic blue color application and a bold side body graphic on the container, which envisions its dynamic character.

Bionic Eyes with High-Resolution Technology

Bionic Eyes with High Resolution
Bionic Eyes with High Resolution

After years of testing, high-resolution bionic eyes are now available for patients with degenerative vision loss. The first prototypes of this technology were somewhat rough and granular, with less than 100 resolution. However, these new versions offer more than 1000 points, so, this allows patients to recognize faces and read capital print. *

Bionic eyes continue to gain sophistication in the coming decades, ensuring rapid advancement in resolution and visual quality. Fully artificial eyes are finally developed to provide a better overview of the healthy eyes. It even leads people with normal eyes to “improve” their vision.

The launch of the BIOMASS Mission Car Tech

BIOMASS is a 400 euros million Earth Observation mission launched by the European Space Agency (ESA). It provides the first truly comprehensive measurements of global forest biomass. High-resolution maps of tropical, temperate and boreal forest biomass are generated, using a radar sensor powerful enough to determine both the height and wood content of individual trees sensors. These ultra-accurate maps help scientists address fundamental questions about changes in forest structure – especially in tropical regions, where ground data are little. They also help put a number on the carbon emissions resulting from deforestation and land-use change, making it possible to form better estimates of future climate change.

Emission Tech: Wireless Connected Vehicles

Vehicles are Wireless Connected
Vehicles are Wireless Connected

Many cars in the world are already somehow connected to the Internet. By 2019, new technology is added in the form of wireless links between vehicles. *

By combining Wi-Fi and GPS signals, they can now alert drivers to potential hazards or obstacles. For example, if the cartouches two vehicles for the driver, but the front side does not work, this technology warns of a loud beep and a blinking red light on the windshield to hit the brakes.

Communicating with each other and road infrastructure, vehicle safety has improved significantly, while congestion and CO2 emissions have been reduced. The system is so effective that in some countries death of accidents is reduced by 80%. *

Quick search is required for clear economic and security benefits. This technology appeared on trucks a few years earlier. Now it’s used by personal cars.

So what are you saying about those upcoming new technology? Will they change our lifestyle?


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