What can we expect for the iPhone 11?

iphone 11
iphone 11

Somewhere in the deepest, darkest depths of Apple’s design laboratories there are concepts to get the next iPhone 11 out there. Usually, this whole chapter is very secretive and kept under wraps. But rumours do occasionally surface.

What has been leaked thus far is:

  • A very colourful and smart looking new logo
  • An A13 system built in onto the chip
  • A similar display design to enable facial recognition
  • A “fast charger” that should reduce the charging up time to around 50 per cent of previous iPhone chargers.
  • No longer a 3D touch-pressure sensitive screen

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While we eagerly await what Tim Cook [Apple CEO] says on stage during his keynote promotional delivery, what we can expect is many might well be saying, “Well, that was much ado about nothing!”

It has still not stopped YouTube creative video and promotional vloggers to envisage what the new iPhone 11 might look like. It claims the iPhone 11 is certain to have a camera with a punch-hole design. However, this is exactly what the Samsung Galaxy latest range of phones has been doing for well over a year now. 

It is an innovative design because it allows the screen to body ration to achieve a much greater operating space.  The same curvaceous punch-hole has been seen on the Samsung Galaxy A50 too. It can take front pictures and still display screen visuals when the camera is not being used. 

The iPhone 11 could have a third lens positioned just on the back of the phone and down on the left hand side. This makes it similar to the iPhone XS (including the Max version too). 

What about the Physical Control Buttons?

If a new phone has no buttons to operate a physical control, then what is the procedure we adopt? When Samsung released its Galaxy Note 10 the rumours were going around that it would not have any physical buttons. 

However, Samsung did place the physical buttons on its device as it may (or may not) have felt the general consumer and buying public were not yet ready for a phone that might be considered to be a device similar to a driverless car against a manually driven vehicle. 

How are you supposed to turn it on, we ask? It is picked up, sees a face and off we go! The iPhone 11 may or may not have this bold technology. At this stage however, only Tim Cook and a few insiders know. 

We do know that LG – a big rival in the new smartphone market to Samsung, Huawei and Apple – are already in advanced stages of developing and releasing its phone that will have no buttons. 

As for physical design and look of this new iPhone 11 – do not expect any radical changes. The similarities in design and size will ape the iPhone X and the XS. Apple employed a similar move when keeping the iPhone 6 and 7 v

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