Why 2019 is Proving Highly Significant for Apple


Apple has been through some rough times lately. It was reported that in 2018 sales of its iconic device, the iPhone, were down by as much as 5 per cent on the previous year. At the beginning of 2019, the share price in Apple was also down, indicating a worrying trend in investor dissatisfaction and public concern.

But losing its spot – as the most valuable company in the United States to Microsoft – was perhaps a watershed moment in technical business history. Then, seeing Amazon surge as it ripped out the runners up spot from Apple was akin to kicking the business in the guts as it lies down on the trading room floor.

Add to this, its ongoing patent dispute with Qualcomm and the suggestion from market watchers in the tech industry that the iPhone has peaked, and you will find Apple staring into the abyss of what can only be a highly significant year.

Apple smartphones are still cool, and they are still big sellers, but there is something missing from the excitement that used to be generated when the latest iPhone was released or a keynote marketing launch told us all of some new gadget that we should all be getting really excited about.

The fact that the latest iPhone prices are enough to water the eyes of the potential market, does not bode well either. Most of us now probably own a great smartphone with many all-singing and dancing features. Is it really a good marketing strategy to get the public to spend $1,000 on a new smartphone that is not all that different from the one you already have?

But it is not just Apple that is in some kind of slowdown here. In 2018, Samsung released its flagship latest smartphone – the Galaxy S9. In which, even here the sales figures were more than just a little disappointing. 

Could it be the market is now fulfilled? Are the millions of people who want a great smartphone already in possession of one? Could we be looking at market saturation? Then there is the ever-looming spectre of G5.

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G5 Could Spell a New Revolution in All Hi-Tech Businesses

It won’t be just Apple who are affected by the onset on G5. We are at a crossroads where G5 has not yet been fully implemented, but is close enough for some to worry about investing over a thousand dollars in a smartphone that is 4G and still won’t have the capacity or memory to handle G5 technology.

It is a bit like when you knew the PlayStation 2 was about to be launched (but you just did not know when) and there was that reluctance to invest in a PlayStation 1. 

So What Does Apple Do?

Apple has spent much of 2019 updating its hardware devices: the Air Pod 2, Mac Pro 2019 displays, a new iPhone, the iPad Mini 5 launch and more besides. 

It is true that these upgrades and updates to existing devices is not going to see long lines of people queueing up from 11 o’clock at night in mile-long streams of enthusiasts – but what else is the business supposed to do?

Apple Watch Is Even Due For a Health Check

The Apple Watch is about to acquire a function where users can monitor the inside of the ear to check for heart rate. There is not expected to be anything significant in this change, just the coating of the ear plug rather than the physical design.

Then Apple is launching a larger screen for its MacBook Pro. The current 15-inch screen has already been extended to a 16-inch version, and now 2019 will see that screen expand another half an inch to accommodate the fans of video and streaming users. It should also make the gaming experience more user-friendly and entertaining too. 

But what about that 17-inch version, we hear you ask? In 2011, Apple had launched a 17-inch screen MacBook Pro but this has now become obsolete and the company has no plans (as yet) to launch anything larger than the 16.5-inch screen.

The iPad Mini 5

The iPad Mini has always been a far more popular device than the MacBook Pro, particular in recent years. The fifth generation iPad was launched this summer and it includes a headphone socket, a healthy 7.9-inch screen display and touch screen log in (users will no longer have to worry about the Face ID feature. 

2019 iPhone

Apple is considering the launch of the Apple Pencil to add as a great feature for its iPhone users. The addition of a Smart Keyboard should feature and the usual release of three different models will apply. 

The three different models will comprise of 2 x OLED phones (one with a possible 64GB disc space and the other with a 128GB drive) and a cheaper one for those on a tight budget (possibly a 32GB XR style LCD phone, although this is yet to be confirmed).

OLED phones are the future as far as Apple is concerned. The XR-style LCD model may even be the last of its kind. The shift over to OLED phones could even happen as early as 2020. 

2019 iPhone Camera

Many smartphone fans will be impressed by the technology that some tech companies have put into its phones. Take for instance, the Nokia 9 Pure View: a smartphone with five cameras that join together and link to get the best possible picture. 

Apple too are thinking on integrating a triple camera set up (located on the back of the iPhone) and it will have a feature of using depth maps, producing a high quality 10-megapixel image to delight an entire community of Instagram followers. 

Wireless Charging?

The iPhone will have to see some sort of action where bilateral wireless charging takes place. This should happen, if Apple is serious about its intentions to keep abreast of the competition. 

And finally, 2019 has already seen Apple working hard to establish a screen capable of showing 6K. Its outstanding picture quality though could be offset by the lack of streams filmed in this format. 

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